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We need to talk about your deep affinity with lucky Jupiter; Pisces traditional ruling planet who gifted you with visionary wisdom before Neptune appeared to also reveal your more complex, dreamy, mystical & dare I say escapist dimensions in modern times…

Because every 12 years Jupiter turns up in your sign, for a rush of clear, positive inspiration to expand your horizons, find your bliss & shine more brightly in the world. Which is happening now -and extra powerful with Jupiter & Neptune in your sign at the same time; a profoundly rare moment of exquisite Pisces awakening to your true, beautiful nature and discovering your purpose in the world. Wow-no wonder you are feeling so turned on by personal growth, and magical manifestation potential this month huh?

It kind of goes like this: Jupiter direct in Pisces mid-May-June 22nd is restless yearning & fresh momentum, pointing to the next fab stage of your life. Then Jupiter retro in Pisces from late June till late July is permission to enjoy the process, without necessarily forcing outcomes. Then Jupiter back in your soul sector from August till the end of the year is exploring the inner work you were doing during weird 2020 & integrating those lessons. The better to prepare for a rush of sheer, brilliant self-expression and progress in the world with Jupiter direct in Pisces Jan-mid May 2022. This will be such an awesome time to realize your dreams & thrive on your own terms -so worth waiting for & know that you are onto it, earning that kind of bliss as we speak, baby!

Meanwhile the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of June 10th in your home sector is bang on Mercury retro square Neptune in your sign. The focus on family & domestic dynamics, and any tricky issues going on becomes quite emotionally revealing- and you can basically do slippery evasion to avoid the feelings coming up or bring unconditional compassion to open up & deal with your tribe & loved ones. Both of which are classic Pisces skills, so choose wisely -know what I mean?

And Venus & Mars in your play sector are perfect, for quality time with someone special to keep the romance alive.

Also great to play with your brilliant, innate talent for the fun of being good at what you do –to get ready for Mars in your work sector trine Jupiter from mid-June, to embrace a fully motivating, next level professional confidence.


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