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So your natural habitat is the spooky 12th house; where we plug into divine/spiritual source, visionary cosmic/creative genius, psychic intuition/magic vibes, as well as the swamp of any unresolved unconscious drives, we need to drag into the light of self awareness. So yeah, it’s a largely unexplored realm, in our somewhat spiritually disconnected culture-where many signs feel uncomfortable. Of course you feel right at home here, as such a natural mystic- slipping between the worlds as you explore the mysteries of life. Which makes you a bit of a guru for the rest of us, in terms of spiritual guidance or icon of cultural zeitgeist.

I point this out because so much action in your 12th, for February:


Pluto into your 12th from late Jan, is just beginning his transformative work here, preparing to get serious from Nov-for the next 20 years!

You are still getting a sense of how profound this is. A shining torch, with which to interrogate your inner world-revealing treasures and demons.

Obviously the demons are deep seated fears and denial about your own connection to source, which tends to be masked by sneaky little addictions & escapism, know what I mean? And the treasure is the gold that comes from releasing all the energy locked up in fear patterns-as you slay your demons with courageous self awareness. In Jungian terms, the rush of pure consciousness rising up, can be alchemised into whatever high frequency intentions you choose to focus upon. And a clearer line to angelic guidance or whatever divine source you seek.

Put simply, you are entering a phase of cleaning house and re-booting magical manifesting power, to swan around in whatever reality you choose to create.

I mean apologies for the flowery, esoteric language, but the 12th is tricky to describe in prosaic terms. Just like you-ineffable, mysterious enigma that you are…your cosmic, wild child charisma is a thing right now.


Which brings me to the sensational romantic/relationship vibes, of Venus/Mars conjunct, in orb from Feb 4th till March 9th:


In your social sector early Feb. Fantastic to bond with your tribe, renewing ties with dear friends and networking on the scene, to feel connected in the wider world. Also if single/on the prowl is brilliant chemistry, to flirt your head off with some promising new attraction on the scene-this crush could be reciprocal!


Then into your 12th house, conjunct Pluto from Feb 17th. This speaks to the more deep & complex soul connection, you share with your partner, lover or spooky crush who feels destinal? Actual, soulmate true love could feel so right here. Or even any tricky, karmic lessons you are working through, could reveal themselves with someone special. Whether they are a catalyst for spiritual growth, or meant to become a longer term commitment…?

To the extent the love language of the 12th can be subtle cues, and bloody near telepathic communion, which can be baffling? Mercury involved helps to talk about it, as much as possible under the circumstances… Or I don’t know-love letters written in invisible ink, under the stars, that can only be deciphered by the song of a bluebird? To keep your crush fascinated/reveal the poetry of true communion? Lol just saying, might as well embrace the enigma of your love life this month, huh?


Then the Full Moon of Feb 24th in your love/partner sector, just as Venus/Mars exact in your 12th. Primo time to clarify relationship dynamics, in tangible terms. Mercury, Sun & Saturn in Pisces have you articulate, about expressing your love with special people. Also healthy boundaries, just in case any weirdos trying to do your head in?  Nice one.


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