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The background astro this month is Saturn square Uranus -the tension between personal discipline & exciting, game-changing personal growth.

Which for you is Uranus in your communication sector, to buzz around networking, sharing fabulously radical schemes & dreams with cool weirdos who get your own cosmic, weirdo genius & hanging with your crew just for fun. And as much as you love the intellectual stimulation here the busy, mental multitasking can be kind of draining.

So Saturn in your soul sector, especially with visionary Jupiter says you replenish your energy & mental focus by also making time to commune with your inner muse. Could be a daily yoga/meditation practice, dream journaling, a creative process to immerse yourself in or just taking a moment to spend quality time with yourself. Whatever keeps you connected to your spiritual inspo/integrity, and take responsibility to walk that talk in the world right?

Then the New Moon of the 12th brings your attention to savvy financial matters. I mean with Venus bang on this Moon your juicy, creatively abundant earning potential is a thing! You know what you’re good at and who to charm & collaborate with, to hustle good coin with lovely, like-minded people. Especially with caring Ceres, is so lovely to share your gorgeous talent for win-win biz scenarios.

Speaking of lovely people, Mars in your home sector is syncing lucky Jupiter in your soul sector & your magical ruler Neptune, to feel like your family, partner & co-habs can relate and support your hopes & dreams this month. I mean sure, Mars could flare up any domestic disputes or marital tensions that have been brewing, but to be honest its more a fab chance to clear the air for positive vibes and focus on good times with your loved ones. Yes, including passionate connection with your lover/partner on home turf.

Then the Full Moon of the 27th picks up on all that fab Uranus action, with Venus to get involved with inspiring dialogues around you, and chase up your most visionary dreams with the people you enjoy hanging out with. Especially with Mars in your play sector to have fun doing stuff you love, just because the creative process & confident self-expression matters –and it feels good to be alive!

Image: El Velo by Antonio Mora


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