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Pisces Full Moon, exact 11.35am August 31st, AEST. To the extent Full Moons are a rising up, of whatever emo has been brewing lately, in Pisces our feelings can fluctuate:

On the one hand we are so highly empathetic, with an exquisitely attuned radar to one another's complex moods and needs. We really care about looking after each other! And with such sensitivity to everything, we can become overwhelmed by other people's energy. And have some pretty weird moods of our own, as our feelings tend to rise up with oceanic intensity. So we're certainly awake to what's going on with ourselves and our relationships, on an intimate personal level, with full emotional congruence.

On the other hand we are spooky, mystical creatures attuned to universal, cosmic, creative vibes. In a sense we seek divine, rapturous experiences of spiritual & creative bliss, connecting to something more ineffable. More so than actually answering the latest phone call, from even the people we most care about/turning up on time to some dinner date or whatever. We can be somewhat elusive, in that sense.

Or we could just be drunk, lol. I mean slippery, escapist behaviour/intoxication is always a temptation we want to watch, with Pisces Moon energy.

Because the point is this Moon is also conjunct Saturn-the ultimate disciplinarian. Whether we choose to commit to loving, compassionate relationships, creative inspiration, spiritual growth (ideally we balance them all); we keep it real. Walking our talk with integrity, as we refine our sense of purpose and clarity about what matters to us right now, is so rewarding.

Especially Mercury retro in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus. If we keep our positive intentions clear, taking the time to get the tricky details/communication issues right-we can be so powerful, at magical manifesting right now!

So let's dream wisely and keep our love frequency high, folks. Happy Pisces Full Moon x

Image: Josh Courlas.


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