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NEW YEAR HOROSCOPES, 2023 is calling

Walking into 2023 like...

The world has been weird as fuq for the last few years, but we've maintained our composure amongst it all.

We have discarded as much emotional baggage as possible, and narrowed down our 'luggage' to a manageable set of hopes, general roadmap and the tools we need to explore the potential of the coming year. Like the Fool card in the Tarot; with his little bag of tricks slung over his shoulder -it's all he needs as he launches off the proverbial cliff to embrace the great, promising unknown...

Yes we may be traversing dystopia but we're doing it with style, equanimity and grace, right?

We can clearly see the dawn of wild & wonderful new chapter calling us forward; as we follow the imperatives of our own destiny & personal transformation as we go:

Jupiter in Aries lends the courage to try new things. The better to embody & ground a new way of life in fertile soil, with Jupiter in Taurus from May.

And yay, Aries ruler Mars finally direct from Jan 13th; to fuel the confidence of our brilliant ideas, and networking with the tribe we can share the journey with.

Saturn into Pisces from May, we are getting ready to dream manifest our highest potential this year.

Pluto into Aquarius for the next 20 years, beginning with a brief teaser this May-June, then in full expression from 2024 -to build a regenerative, life affirming new social/community paradigm together! Maybe Utopia/a thriving New Earth is possible... as long as we respect one another's individual sovereignty and growth in our own time, of course.

So the January scopes are up. With more focus on our personal lives, and touching on how each of us can align with the collective evolution going on. And how positive affirmations matter right now. Much more detail for your sign here.

Happy New Year folks xxx

Image: the wonderful Alexandra Valenti.


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