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Full Moon in Cancer, exact 9.48am Jan 18th AEDT, and it's tricky...

I mean Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and in moody, sensitive Cancer we're so easily triggered:

-With primal Pluto exactly opposite this Moon, we are highly volatile! Even the smallest thing can bring up every bitchy reaction we've been trying to control lately. And more likely to reveal the bigger issues, that need to addressed, and hopefully clear the air and be courageously authentic with one another -ready or not!

-Mercury in storm phase, recently retrograde on control freak Saturn. Sticky misunderstandings are rife, and more likely to get stuck on points of contention; where we are struggling between expected rules of engagement and actually letting ourselves speak our natural truth? It kind of feels like power trips, but more likely we are just being fearful & defensive without necessarily meaning too?

-Venus retrograde has our love/relating instincts kind of thwarted-even our best attempts at harmonious connection feel klunky? It's still worth trying, of course. Especially syncing caring Ceres in Taurus; so even the smallest gestures to make each other feel comfortable, supported, and in romance fully desired go a long way right now.

So yeah, the highly strung combo of intense Full Moon emo and skitzy Mercury retro -what could possibly go wrong, lol? Lets stay as empathetic & nurturing as possible with ourselves & one another, whilst we navigate our dramas with minimal drama- know what I mean?

Because of course the positive potential of this is diving deep into our feelings, being fully inspired by brave passion/honesty with our loved ones & generally keeping it high end, right?

Happy New Moon folks, good luck & good vibes out there in the crazy world x

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