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Libra New Moon, annular Solar Eclipse exact 3.55am Oct 15th, AESDT.

New Moons are always fresh emotional perspective, and in Libra we specialise in harmonising love & relationship dynamics as well as gorgeous inspiration about our creative process, arty endeavours and cultivating beauty in the world. For Libra, harmony is everything. So aesthetic symmetry, good design principles and grown up, respectful connection with our loved ones as well as sweet romance really does soothe our souls.

So the planetary influences are:

Moon conjunct Mercury, to remain supremely intelligent with whatever we're on about, willing to reflect on our own opinions, to finesse how we express ourselves. Opposite healer Chiron and the Destiny Point in Aries, to move forward with mutually empowering relationships, as we appreciate how passionate we all are about our own opinions-the better to find mutual, common ground? And triggering Pluto trine Uranus, with Neptune to embrace the magical, transformative evolution we are all going through-to be raise our frequency as best as possible. Idealism & divine inspo aint delusional right now-it's really the only way forward...

I mean if we look at the state of the world, for a moment? Collectively, ideally this Moon reminds us the essential value of diplomacy, unwavering respect for one another's point of view and genuinely fair social justice-if we are going to get along. And creating harmonious, nurturing spaces for everyone to live and create their own beautiful lives, in harmony with everyone else. Which is a big Libran theme. The peace dove motif is as important as ever, on a symbolic and very real level!

And the same is true in our personal lives:

We make where we live as beautiful as possible, just because a harmonious environment brings us joy. We get creative about biz & career, because it feels so good to finesse our talent, as we express it in the world. And we do the work to look after our loved ones, because harmonious, healthy relating matters. And maybe lovely romance feels easier, just for the thrill of it...

Libra just wants to enjoy the pleasure of sparkly, dolce vita living, because life is supposed to be a beautiful ride for all of us, right?

Happy Libra Solar Eclipse folks-lets keep it sweet x

Image: The eternal fabulousness of Stevie Nicks, by Serpentfire .


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