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So how have you been going with your ruler Venus, flitting around backwards and forwards in your social sector, with Bitch Lilith since June?

I mean quite the buzz as such a people person, who adores swanning around the social scene like you own it. Whether bonding with dear friends you care about, networking like a demon about your creative and professional hustle or radiating your naturally gorgeousness at all the right soirees, just for fun. Hopefully all of the above.

Presumably you’ve been exploring a sense of your niche in the world, who your real tribe are and where you can shine your light most effectively, right?

And Lilith involved, for an edgy sense of being totally authentic about it.

Beyond your people pleasing, diplomatic reputation-you’ve been keeping it real, with your iron fist in velvet glove vibe. Especially Mars in Libra lately, for supremely sexy self-confidence.

When it comes to rocking your sparkly charisma, as well as fiercely sticking to the courage of your convictions, in the micro or macro politics around you in this crazy world; with a discriminating sense of the people it’s actually healthy to relate to -in your own kooky, uncompromising style that not everyone understands? You have not been fuqing around!

Brilliant, for Mercury in Libra from October 5th. To the extent you’ve been refining your mission statement & spunky attitude lately, this month is great to speak your truth, with squeaky clean clarity…

I mean ok, just as Mercury marches into your sign with a microphone to speak up; it’s interesting that Lilith & Venus go into hiding, dark horse mode in your spooky 12th house from early October.

Feels like checking in with your deeper shamanic wisdom, creative inspo and honest, healthy relationship with self keeps you honest about how you express yourself in the world, know what I mean?

I mean broadcasting your point of view/being a star in the public realm is great and all. And with Mars out of Libra from Oct 12th, joining healthy Ceres in your values/prosperity sector; the discipline to manifest your beliefs in tangible, material ways to support living on your own, sweet terms is even more rewarding?

Especially by the Libra New Moon of October 15th, conjunct Mercury to speak clearly, especially powerful being an annular Eclipse:

Opposite Chiron/Destiny Point in your love sector; to cultivate healthy emotional habits in the relationships that reveal genuine, long term commitment.

And square Pluto direct in your home sector, most likely the focus is family dynamics/shacked up partner/loved ones on home turf, to embrace transformative new clarity with your tribe?

I mean square Uranus retro, with Jupiter retro in your sexy, complex 8th house -your deeper emotional connections can feel disruptive.

But ideally in a positive way, especially by the New Moon, Partial Eclipse of Oct 29th in your 8th house. For the confidence of fresh emotional clarity, to heal any tricky issues as they arise.

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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