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So Mars retro in your relationship sector since Sept 10th may have been doing your head in, with certain loved ones vibing obstinate, tricky, passive aggressive or just outright unavailable…

Aargh, but do admit this has revealed any fundamental flaws or misunderstandings in your key connections that kind of had to be addressed eventually? I mean we’ve all got them-love life dramas/interpersonal issues etc bubbling under the surface, it’s just been your time to deal with it recently-especially with the healer Chiron involved to bring such vulnerable authenticity to the mix…

Well done you for handling the tensions with that famous diplomacy & charm of yours! Including graciously acknowledging & owning your own emo triggers/control freakery hmmm?

Because Mars direct mid Nov, just in time for the New Moon of the 15th is such a lovely, fresh perspective on holding your own as you enjoy the rush of renewed passion & vitality in your love life & interpersonal dynamics generally. You are so much more confident to express yourself & what you want, whilst also getting other people’s points of view so everyone can get their needs met rather than wasting time on power trips or conflict –know what I mean?

And with your ruler Venus in your sign this month you are just so spunky charismatic, gorgeous & irresistible, it’s a great time to magnetise the people who get & appreciate your brilliance into your orbit. Yes definitely including romantic attention-especially if you are into men, you are so much more likely to have some ardent, powerful dude who knows what he wants chasing you up for the rest of the year-this could be hot! And if you are male it could be a good seductive move to suavely figure out what your partner needs & desires, to light their fire -you know considerate, generous gentlemen make better lovers right?

Also Venus opposite Uranus in your sex/intimacy sector around the 28th is a spontaneous blast of romantic fireworks -maybe a good date night with that special someone, to ignite the flame? And also it’s about negotiating an intense, passionate love that allows for lots of emotional oxygen to respect one another’s autonomy as well; because the Full Moon of the 30th in your adventure sector is pretty restless & you do appreciate the space to do your own thing…

Image: Lindsay Adler

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