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So if you’re triggered by certain people acting weird, with tricky Sun/Uranus in your 8th house of personal entanglements early May, maybe wait till mid-month before you react?

Because the New Moon of the 12th in your 8th house syncing Pluto in your home sector, with the healer Chiron in your love sector is so on point, to get a clear perspective on the interpersonal dynamic going on. You get to deal with domestic/family/partner dramas with straight up, gutsy authenticity and also appreciate the nuanced feelings coming up with subtle emotional intelligence.

The key is Chiron for exquisite compassion & patience with one another, even under duress of volatile moods, passionate desires, reactive tantrums etc -to do the work to cultivate healthy, honest, genuinely caring connection. Which is quite a skill so well done you-no wonder you are the relationship expert of the zodiac!

Then Jupiter in your work sector from the 15th is a big deal for the coming year. On one hand you have so much confidence in your innate talent, with Jupiter in your creative sector recently and now ready to rock your brilliance on the day job. Especially with Mars powering up brazen ambition in your biz sector; it’s not just material success you’re after, more the free range, independent lifestyle that comes from being good at what you do. On the other hand Jupiter can be kind of loose about details, turning up on time, rules of professional engagement etc cos you know, bourgeois work ethic can be so tedious. Ha fair enough, but do admit personal discipline can be the fastest route to freedom, know what I mean?

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