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Your ruler Venus begins a rare, extended sojourn in your 11th house from June 6th till October. So let’s talk about this sector of your chart, where

Venus is about to become as radiant as possible. The 11th house is where you find your niche in the world:

Certainly your natural, sparkling charm, conversational brilliance, people skills and stylish good looks are on point, in terms of the social butterfly brilliance you do so well.

Getting amongst the scene, as the life of the party, schmoozing & grooving, making the right impression with right place/right time/attending all the right soirees synergy, to network effectively.

This could be fun, just to play and have a good time for a while, and why not? As such a social creature, being around stimulating people, conversations and action totally recharges your batteries, in a life affirming way.

Also you are a loyal friend, as someone who treats your close besties as family. So making quality time with your immediate crew is especially rewarding, to gather together with tight-knit, beautiful kinship and mutual support.

And networking professionally, as well as the wider cultural zeitgeist. You are more likely to feel drawn to collective social movements, groups and organisations that that align with your values, ethics, politics, gorgeous creative inspiration and career goals in the world.

Especially Venus joining Mars and Bitch Lilith, in your 11th house, bang on the New Moon of June 4th in your ideas/communication sector.

You are not just passively signing up to groupthink, but an active participant in collective discourse -with an intelligent, assertive voice, the courage to shake things up and real principles and social/vocational relationships to cultivate. You could be quite the iconoclastic shit-stirrer right now, with the suave persuasive power to get people involved in your innovative ideas. How fabulous, you love this!

And with Neptune in your work sector, you dream of a magical, meaningful sense of purpose on the day job. Especially the New Moon of June 18th in your expansive 9th house -square Neptune, and Ceres moving into Libra. You are dreaming up big, brazen plans to live a productive, fulfilling career and lifestyle on your own terms. This could be quite the astro to make it happen-if you can handle Saturn involved, to actually embrace the discipline required, to persevere with your goals right?

Meanwhile love?

Well if single/dating, on the prowl? All this action in your social and communication sectors is so insanely sexy/flirty! Your formidable romantic charm is so on point, and more likely to meet someone totally into it as you swan around the world. Warp-speed attractions could be such a buzz…

And if already in love/partnered? Your 8th house of sexy, deep emotional entanglement is busy. Jupiter conjunct the Destiny Point and Mercury conjunct Uranus, for the Full Moon of June 4th in your communication sector. How about some radically honest conversations and radical vulnerability with your lover, for a good time?

Image: Isa Marcelli


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