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So Jupiter dithering retrograde, between your work & talent sectors this month could feel frustrating if certain, fabulously promising gigs are temporarily stalled/taking time to gain traction. But actually this is kind of perfect for the Libra sensibility.

As such a high functioning perfectionist, you don’t really like to blunder forward just for the sake of rushing things; you actually enjoy the satisfaction of finessing your skills as you go:

You get that the more you explore the creative process, and take the time to have fun with playing with whatever you are naturally good at with Jupiter in your talent sector for the rest of the year; the more you will be primed to leverage your brilliance, for professional advantage when Jupiter charges forward in your work sector in early 2022.

Also Jupiter could be helping to recognise any indulgent habits going on, because do admit you can be quite the pleasure seeking lush at times. And as much as dolce vita living is a lovely birthright of yours to enjoy -yes when its life affirming go for it; also knowing when to reign it in, the better to embrace positive, healthy choices that optimise your physical vitality and fab functionality in the world, know what I mean?

Especially with the New Moon of the 10th, in your career sector trine visionary Neptune in your work sector. This is primo time to pull it all together and set clear intentions that feel so right-doesn’t matter how long it takes to realize your dreams, the point is knowing what matters to you and being inspired by that. Living according to your true values makes so much sense right now…

Then Mars/Venus conjunct on the 14th is peak romance action for the month. For you it’s in your social sector, so absolutely if you’re single/on the prowl/on the dating scene mid-month is brilliant for being out & about, flirting it up with that gorgeous charm you do so well. And square Uranus in your 8th house of deeper intimacy, perfect to spark up the passion if you’re already in love?

Image: Lorenzo D Guia


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