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Lets talk about this for a good time: almost all the astro action this month is in your 5th house of fun, romance, creative talent, art & easy, confident self expression. Permission to have a fabulous February, lucky Libra!

Because your ruler Venus gliding through your 5th brings your innate grace, charm & spunky talent to the fore, for a beautiful comfortability in your skin to enjoy being your true self in the world. Sweet romance, dolce vita living doing stuff you enjoy & quality time with your peeps matters right now, just because it feels good to be alive. And maybe the chutzpah to show off your brilliance socially or professionally, for the flamboyant buzz of shining bright in the world?

Even Mercury retrograde scrambling best laid plans doesn’t bother you too much, because you’re having fun & not taking yourself too seriously. If anything you get to make a few creative mistakes in the spirit of exploring new ideas, or any klunky social interactions with Venus/Saturn around the 6th help to just be yourself in the world, sans bourgeois expectations -which is actually quite liberating.

Because then Venus on lucky Jupiter for the New Moon of the 12th is next level, spectacular brilliance to pick up your confidence beautifully. Your vibe is expansive, open minded & ready to embrace the thrills & spills of doing whatever turns you on just for the free range buzz of living like you mean it.

I mean also the Saturn/Uranus square of the 16th is an interesting tug between wildly fluxy financial/biz, family & personal relationships, and the creative discipline with which you anchor & manifest your dreams amongst it all. It’s all about clear intentions right?

Then Venus square Mars in your 8th house of sexy emotional intimacy, around the 20th turns on the full romantic potential of your Venusian charisma. Also triggering the healer Chiron in your relationship sector. So your love life is kind of a mixture of ‘you make loving fun’ good times and ‘love me tender’ raw, exquisite vulnerability –lol you will excuse the musical references, look up the songs for your emotional soundtrack this month…

Image: Cliff ChunKit Cheung


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