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So as the most famously charming and, do admit, somewhat opinionated sign of all; you are loving your ruler Venus with chatty Mercury, in your communication sector early Dec. You get to bring your naturally suave, articulate, persuasive, intelligent point of view to any dialogues going on in your life.

The better to cultivate the harmonious relationships and sparkly conversations in the world that you adore, as such a people person.

Not to mention your flirty wiles are so on point, if you are looking to lure a certain someone towards you, hmmm?

Especially Venus opposite Mars in your adventure sector Dec 1st, perhaps begins the month with a sexy attraction, where you help each other expand your horizons & get excited about life…maybe together?

I mean also Mars is retrograde for ages, so patience is required; in love and any other big dreams you are chasing right now. Especially by the Full Moon of Dec 8th, exactly conjunct Mars:

It’s all about the elegant restraint you do so well; to acknowledge your restless desires and liberating plans you’re scheming right now, whilst taking the time to finesse how you go about it for the moment. The better to charge forward with passionate confidence, from late Jan onwards…

Meanwhile Mercury & Venus into your home sector from Dec 10th, to focus on harmonious family & domestic relationships. And you get to indulge your favourite, natural talent; playing with the décor & feng shui, to create the kind of gorgeous, harmonious space to live in that you adore. Heaven!

Then Ceres in Libra, from Dec 20th is all about self care and holistic, healthy habits for optimum wellbeing. It suddenly feels so easy to feel comfortable in your skin, with enough self-acceptance to cultivate how to be you, that actually feels good to be alive. This is a wonderful way to be, right?

Meanwhile the wounded healer Chiron is lurking in your love sector; revealing any vulnerability about genuine, authentic intimacy with your lover-or any scary, promising attractions coming up? You’ve been wondering if you can trust your feelings, about potential romance in your life?

So how fabulous to have lucky Jupiter in your love sector, from Dec 21st. Much more likely to be involved with someone positive & open minded, who appreciates how gorgeous you are. Especially sparky Uranus/Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector, the best love action may not be exactly comfort zone complacency; but could be game-changing, exciting passion should you choose to embrace it?

Or if single/not into romance, you fully embrace the liberating freedom of doing your own thing. I mean one of the benefits of escaping the clutches of some crappy old entanglement/solo life is lots of oxygen to be true to yourself, which you are actually enjoying right now?

Then the New Moon of Dec 23rd in your home sector for a nice, clean, fresh domestic vibe, to feel nourished in your personal life. With Venus, Mercury & Pluto conjunct you get to transform your home environment with your best aesthetic sensibilities, and any revealing scenarios about personal/family dynamics are handled with exquisite care, and clever communication skills. This is your natural thing, of course -you deserve to enjoy a home for your heart!

Image: Jessica Stam by Solve Sundsbo


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