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So the Full Moon of August 2nd, in your 5th house of creative talent and play, should be beautifully life affirming to begin the month:

Trine healthy Ceres in Libra. Having a good time doing stuff you enjoy, just for fun, as well as working the creative process for the satisfaction of getting better at what you do -are the best kind of self care right now.

And square Jupiter in your 8th house. Playful intimacy with your lover, making quality time together is so worth it, to keep growing together with expansive new experiences.

I mean also aspect the healer Chiron in your partner sector, to reveal any vulnerable tensions between you? Maybe the trick is to cultivate the trust, that you can find positive new ways to connect -rather than bitching about the same old issues, know what I mean?

And if single, your creative brilliance could be the perfect charisma, to attract someone who loves what you’re on about? Or maybe embracing the solo freedom, of having fun & working your talent -unencumbered by relationship drama?

And opposite the Sun, joining your ruler Venus lingering in your social sector till October. Your superpower is showing off, strutting around the scene and social networking with that irresistible charm you do so well. But not so much people-pleasing, just for the sake of being likeable.

With Venus retro, conjunct Bitch Lilith for this Moon; more the ferocity of being true to your voice in the world-whether popular or not. Even the humility to learn from the others, as much as they can learn from you is not about compromising yourself. More the courage to seek out the tribe who challenge you in constructive ways, as much as they celebrate your genius. Re-evaluating your niche in the world, and realising the friends who really have your back is so interesting, huh?

Then the New Moon of Aug 16th, in your social sector conjunct Venus and Lilith. To clarify the people you want to connect with because like-minded harmony feels good, the people who annoy you but dammit they challenge you in a good way and the morons who honestly aint worth your time. Know what I mean?

Because meanwhile, Mars & Mercury hiding out in your secretive soul sector this month. A part of you feels quite detached, and zen about any status anxiety in the world. So turned on by wildly inspiring creative insights, and working your spiritual discipline-to feel connected to divine providence and inner communion with your muse. The force is strong with your own private magic…could give a fuq what anyone else thinks.

I mean Mercury retro from Aug 25th, opposite Neptune, to keep your dreams as real and manifestable as yon can. Just in time for Mars marching forward into Libra from Aug 28th. The courage to keep interrogating your deepest beliefs, in a transformative way.

So your fascinating, sexy charisma in late August has so much to do with the courage of your convictions, that you are ready to walk your talk with full integrity. Way to be hot property in the world, to turn the rest of us on!

Image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by von Rankin


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