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Lets get straight to New Moon of the 12th in your relationship sector –your annual emotional reboot of the most important connections in your life, for a fresh perspective on who you love and how they feel about it. And this one is so beautifully aspected! Bang on love goddess Venus and with Ceres for genuine care & looking after one another (especially family dynamics), Chiron to deal with vulnerable feelings and Mercury for the emotionally articulate intelligence to talk about it.

So you are so much more likely to understand your own needs, how to handle the interpersonal dynamics and loved ones who actually turn up and reciprocate in their own way.

Of course this applies to all the humans you care about, and with your ruler Venus so strong is especially magic for romance. A great time to re-connect with your partner, take a love affair next level or magnetise an attraction with real potential… Yes it’s Libra mating season!

Ok there are a few issues to deal with along the way, as follows:

Saturn in your fun romance sector wants basic commitment & ground rules about how everyone should behave, square Uranus in your sex sector who wants wild, unrestrained intimacy with no expectations. So handling appropriate boundaries, whilst embracing big, fun love could be a classic Libra balancing act. Also Venus pair bonding magic in a nice aspect with Mars is great for attraction –but Mars is also in the adventurous 9th house, so any man in the equation might be off on his own, freewheeling trip as well. I’m just saying you can give each other space to breathe, in between fabulous blossoming romance –know what I mean?

Then Mars in your Vision sector trines Jupiter in your fun sector, to play with the full potential of your creative manifestation skills & get excited about the dreams that turn you on. Which is great to have you all fired up when Mars hits your biz sector from the 24th, to leverage your goals to full professional advantage. Yes fierce Libra ambition is a thing, for maximum vocational progress from late April-mid June; might as well work it baby!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 27th is in your earning sector, opposite spectacular Uranus/Venus/Mercury action in your 8th house of biz/money negotiations for clever, innovative ways to monetise whatever you are good at. Also the 8th house is about sex & intimacy, and with Venus/Uranus/Mercury a wild attraction can become emotionally deep very quickly here, with the emotional intelligence to talk it thru as you go… nice one x

Image: Paolo Roversi

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