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So Mars in your ideas & communication sector Sept 15th-Oct 31st stirs up your passionate principles, what you believe in and how to express yourself in the world. I mean it’s not like you lack the confidence of your convictions of course -nobody can take charge of a conversation, or walk into a room and take the floor with sheer bravado quite like our spunky Leo!

And do admit you can be quite belligerent when you have a bee in your bonnet & a point to make- better get out of your way, lol. Which bolshie Mars exacerbates this month, so you want to watch that. But also Mars is great for your natural charisma as a brilliant raconteur, creative thinker & inspiring person to be around, to turn the rest of us on right now.

Especially the New Moon of Oct 6th in your ideas & communication sector bang on Mars, with Venus in your talent/fun/self-expression sector from Oct 8th to really have a good time doing whatever you love. Just because it feels so good being good at whatever you do, with the charm & shameless self-promotion to put it out there in the world. Yes go you!!

But also we have to talk about Mercury retro on this Moon, to question & re-think certain assumptions you have been taking for granted -and that’s ok. I mean it’s healthy to look at different perspectives with an open mind, right?

And this could be fully triggered by the retrograde season of the last few months, which has been frustrating for everyone; and you’ve been so aware of this with Jupiter & Saturn retro in your partner/love sector; where tricky misunderstandings with certain, special people challenge you, to really clarify what you’re on about? Gah tensions in your personal life, doing your head in much??

So the good news is Saturn & Jupiter direct in your love sector this month -finally some progress, to get your relationship dynamics on track:

Saturn direct from the 11th is all about healthy emotional discipline and appropriate boundaries. Maybe serious ‘Us talks’ to clarify the quality of a commitment going on -and just in case things get too heavy, thank goodness Venus is involved for quality time together, to keep things sweet & remember what you love about each other in the first place? Or if Saturn has you on the single path for the moment, Venus brings a flirty moment or cute crush, to enjoy just for the pleasure of playful romantic butterflies.

Then Jupiter direct from the 18th trines Mars in your comms sector just as Mercury also turns direct in your comms sector; with Venus in your romance sector syncing Mercury & Saturn.

This a properly exciting, positive love life vibe! You suddenly feel free to love like you mean it, which for such an open-hearted, passionate lover is your natural thing, of course. It’s the perfect combo of:

-enough trust in one another to score the emotional oxygen you need, for the space to be true to yourself sans suffocating expectations or cramping one another’s style (to ameliorate any control freaky tendencies from Saturn in the background-thanks but no thanks Saturn).

-enough trust in one another to really open up, share your true feelings, adore one another with emotional generosity, warm affection and you know, fall in love more deeply than ever. Oh my it’s suddenly so easy to be honest with your special someone, for a real, robust connection to grow together with an expansive love that keeps getting better!

-if Jupiter has you single for the moment, you love the personal freedom to do your own thing. It’s perfectly acceptable to be a lone ranger right now, just for the fun of it-especially by the Full Moon of the 21st in your vision/adventure sector to chase your dreams! And of course the more you embrace your own thrills, the more likely someone just as exciting turns up to turn you on.

Image: Sequioa Emmanualle photography


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