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June 4th begins the month with a Full Moon in your home turf, the 5th house of creative play, brilliant talent, radiant confidence & fun. You love this life-affirming energy and permission to shine!

This Moon syncs Chiron in your expansive 9th house, trine Bitch Lilith in Leo. Also Mars in Leo this month, joined by Venus from the 11th- to light up your sign, for an extended stay till October! More on this spectacular, life affirming astro next month, enough to say your personal radiance is truly incandescent!!

And Jupiter/Destiny Point & Mercury/Uranus, in your brilliant career sector. Potentially such clear insight, into your full potential in the world:

Perfect to align with professional goals that feel so right, and more likely than ever to succeed.

Also just strutting around with that natural swagger, as the icon of self assurance you are. Permission to be completely comfortable in your skin, as you express your truth fearlessly feels so good.

I cannot overstate how incandescent, fierce and gorgeous your personal charisma is right now -and that’s saying something for a Leo!

Also Uranus and Chiron suggest you keep an open mind. I mean do admit you can be a tad stubborn about how you do things -and maybe advantageous to explore different points of view, than you would normally consider? As in the Leo life plan could have some unexpected twists and turns here, and maybe the humility to be adaptable about that as you go?

Especially Pluto retro, into your work/health sector from June 11th. A chance to reconsider whatever lifestyle choices you thought you had sorted, in recent years. Maybe a fresh perspective, to clean up your act just a little bit more, finessing the most empowering daily habits you can manage?

Also don’t be surprised, if some kind of dramatic change happens on the work front. Old doors closing/new opportunities appearing or realising you have more to offer your current gig, all point to significant professional growth. Especially with Uranus in your career sector, the day job paradigm could still benefit from a transformative attitude.

You are so on fire, with spunky creative confidence right now, you’re totally up for this right?

Then the New Moon of June 18th in your social sector:

Perfect to show-pony the hell out of professional networking, or just sparkling on the scene for fun. And having a good time with your tribe, because good friends matter and you want to make time for them.

Also Venus/Mars in Leo has you feeling flirty-so if single/on the prowl, the dating scene could be so much fun, with you more irresistible than ever.

Or if already in love? Neptune and Saturn in your 8th house of sex & emotional intimacy keeps it real. True romance feels so exquisite, and willing to be beautifully vulnerable about it. So it’s worth it to drill down on the perfect balance of healthy boundaries and long term, sustainable commitment. Nice one.

Image: Cara Delvingne


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