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Jupiter direct in your 10th house/brilliant career sector, from Jan 1st is a damn fine way to begin 2024!

I mean lucky Jupiter in your 10th since May confirmed your natural confidence, about all the wild & wonderful career growth of Uranus also in your 10th, as a high functioning flake. Even if Jupiter & Uranus retro since Sept meant you had to ride any slow progress, pretending to doubt your own genius, lol? You remained clear about your vision, knowing it was only a matter of time until you could shine your professional light in the world, at full wattage. And with Jupiter direct Jan 1st, then Uranus direct from Jan 26th. yes your time has come!


Especially Mars into your practical 6th house, from Jan 5th. The more you look after your healthy wellbeing, the more your physical vitality is at peak, positive strength. The better to get real about your work ethic on the job, driving whatever ambition is turning you on right now…

Ready for the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 6th house. Trine Uranus in your 10th, with Mars exactly trine Jupiter in your 10th. Fresh perspective on your biz/career plan, backed up by good old fashioned, ambitious hard work works a treat. Especially Venus, Ceres & Mercury in your talent/shameless self promotion sector. Making the effort to work the creative process, at whatever you are really good at, with a clever eye to monetising what you love to do anyway? Feels good!

And we have to talk about this Moon conjunct Pluto, completing 15 years in your 6th house. I mean if you reflect on the last 15 years; how far you’ve come in terms of cleaning up your act health, lifestyle & work ethic wise is pretty impressive, right? Whether you’ve had to face any demons, of addictive tendencies or obsessive/compulsive tendencies to control freak your reality? You’ve fully figured out any tendencies you’ve had to transform, and how to be empowered about manifesting the reality you want to live. So this Moon feels like a nice opportunity to be the phoenix, well and truly out of the flames of your old life as you rise up singing. As a success machine, and equally important-being supremely comfortable in your own skin, living on your own sweet terms. Could give a fuq what anyone else thinks, right?


Yes well, ahem-Pluto into your 7th house/partnership sector from Jan 21st. I mean Pluto has been flirting around the cusp of your 7th last year, and will lurk in the first few degrees of your 7th till Nov 2024-preparing to full steam ahead for the next 20 years!

You’ve got a tantalising taste of the kind of issues you are ready to transform, as love and relational dynamics, with the most important people in your life, increasingly become a major focus this year and onwards. It’s all about the Power & the Passion:

The fine details of any power dynamics get revealed, in all their gory detail. I mean most of us have at least subtle control freakery going on, somewhere. Whether passive aggressive vibes ready to be acknowledged or full on, aggro drama ready to get a handle on? Pluto tends trigger this kind of thing. Ideally to clarify the Leo love policy; as you navigate healthy mutual respect even as you keep your internal locus of power on point.

And it’s worth the effort, for the key relationships you are most passionate about. Especially hot romance. The innate desire, fuelling  connection with your special someone is unleashed! Married chemistry is renewed, lovers reveal next level potential, crushes become lovers? If single/dating at any point-any attractions incoming could be just as game changing? I mean you have to explore your capacity for vulnerability, as much as holding your own Leo pride…even if things get volatile, right? And same goes for platonic relating, to keep it real with everyone in your life.

Including  Uranus direct in your 10th, as Pluto into your 7th for the Leo New Moon of Jan 26th. Wildly positive, professional relationships are a thing -to support the shiny success you are ready to enjoy right now!

Image: Bruno Benini

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