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Well with the massive astro in your love/partnership sector this month it feels like Leo mating season-so I guess we should talk about that:

First the grand Jupiter/Saturn conjunction recently was such a rush of game changing clarity about the people who matter in your life, and how to love & support one another like you mean it. And Venus in your love sector this month brings sweet romantic vibes to turn you on…

So you get the relevance of Venus/Saturn around the 6th, to reality check any challenging relational dynamics. Especially with Mercury retrograde for tricky communication, it pays to be patient & keep it constructive rather than triggered into destructive outbursts right?

You figure out healthy boundaries, clarity & emotional discipline; to either distance from whoever is cramping your style with heavy control issues or do the work to nurture a meaningful, healthy commitment because it matters, and worth it to thrash out your issues for a better future together. Either way it’s liberating, to know where you stand!

Then Venus on lucky Jupiter, on the New Moon of the 12th in your love sector rewards you with a much easier, expansive flow with your lover or if single fab new attractions turning up –and it feels so right.

Suddenly it’s so easy to love large, and you adore this chance to reveal your full, magnificent romantic passion & emotional generosity with someone truly special –bless.

Meanwhile Saturn square Uranus in your biz sector mid month is a burning desire to smash the status quo professionally &break free to go do cool new stuff; but also wary of offending anybody key to your success or burning bridges along the way?

I tell you what Mars in your biz sector is so deliciously ambitious, I can’t see you holding back on your wildest dreams. So you’re just going to have to play clever workplace politics, and savvy negotiation skills to hustle support for the change you want.

Especially Mars trine Pluto around the 24th is a chance to leverage & transform what you already do, into something way better & more satisfying. Then the Full Moon of the 27th is cool instincts about income opportunities/monetising your genus effectively, to go forth & thrive.

I mean there’s no stopping Leo on a fab, creative manifestation bender –so go you!

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture-is it Cameron Diaz?


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