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So Mercury retrograde from April 4th-26th, in your expansive 9th house. It’s kind tedious to be fixing tricky details, problematic communication & re-thinking strategies-where you’re supposed to be living large, chasing magnificent, visionary goals and broadcasting your brilliance in the world, as is your wont, right? 

Cue the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of April 9th, also in your 9th house. Conjunct the Destiny Point, healer Chiron and Mercury retro, as Venus joins this power Eclipse in the 9th: 

The trick is to focus on your most meaningful sense of purpose, which lends itself to long term, fulfilling goals rather than instant gratification. For the patience & yes, humility that do admit is not always your favourite thing? The discipline to block out the white noise of immediate delays or frustrations that annoy your ego. Especially with Venus awakening your innate creative brilliance, with a gracious eye to focus on the essential dreams that make your spirit sing. You love this creative confidence, of course…

Especially Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your brilliant career sector this month, exact April 18th-26th. Your professional success is all about your favourite groove -the unique, innovative talent that sets you apart from everyone else. 

So not so much towing the line of boring, bourgeois expectations, for the 

illusion of so-called security etc. More embracing your weird & wonderful vocational style, with positive exuberance. As a high functioning flake, driven by pure self belief you’re not fussed if certain skeptics don’t quite get you. The people who appreciate your work know, and that’s fine with you right? 

Meanwhile Mars Conjunct Saturn, exact April 11th is a whole other discipline. In your 8th house of intimacy and personal/family/biz entanglements, it’s all about being accountable & connected to the people that matter: 

I mean it’s worth mentioning the background astro, of Neptune in your 8th for the last several years and Pluto fresh in your love sector, for the next 20 years. You’ve figured out a deeper intuition to read the subtle cues with your loved ones, with real compassion & maybe unconditional love. And now tapping into fiery passion, with all the sexy chemistry, devotion, drama & power trips involved.

Ok so Mars brings the exciting attraction & desire, as well as volatile tempers & brewing conflicts to be revealed? And Saturn helps to explore the rules of engagement-maybe love & relating is conditional?? 

This combo is notorious for control freaky issues. As well as famous for powerful, enduring commitment. 

In relationship dynamics, we have our desires, needs, generous affection and bossy imperative to assert ourselves. Also clear boundaries to respect, obligations to support one another and long term compatibility to work at. The moods above could be interchangeable, between you & your loved ones? Ideally all of your connections benefit from mutual relating skills-whether sex magic, emotional intimacy, biz negotiations or familial loyalty.

And speaking of family, cue the Full Moon of April 24th in your home sector: 

Square Pluto in your love sector, great to clarify feelings with your partner, tribe & optimum domestic dynamics, with whoever you live & love with. Nice one, for a happy home. 

Also, opposite Sun joining the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction exact, in your brilliant career sector. An emotionally intelligent, supportive home base is key, to go forth and thrive in the world, right? 

Image: Verushka by Irving Penn.


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