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July is here and the scopes are up. It's kind of all about the Plutonian desire for transformation, and the courageous personal power to do so:

Pluto dancing around a trine with Uranus, still playing out for the next few years -our collective evolution is the dramatic backdrop, within which we make important choices about how our personal evolution aligns with the cultural zeitgeist around us. It's a pretty rebellious, volatile vibe -to align with the folks who help us to remain as true to our own integrity as possible.

So Pluto in Capricorn for the last several years was all about tangible, material growth and status anxiety vs real, lucrative prosperity in our personal circumstances. Then Pluto into Aquarius from last April till June, was a sneak preview of broader evolution, to do with finding our niche in the world according to our own principles, ethics and idealistic vision for a better world we can all share. Which we shall be busy exploring, with Pluto back into Aquarius from this Feb-for the next 20 years!

Meanwhile Pluto back into Capricorn recently is the theme of July; that we will be finessing for the rest of the year: We reflect on practical, pragmatic decisions we have made in the last several years-and how they have been playing out so far. But not so much coulda/shoulda regrets, or getting stuck in the past. More a great opportunity, to optimise where we have found ourselves, with an eye to keep phoenixing toward the goals we most desire.

So the Full Moon of July 3rd joins Pluto in Capricorn, opposite Sun/Mercury for powerful, clever instincts to manifest effectively. And the New Moon of July 18th, opposite Pluto to keep our intentions clear.

Meanwhile Venus/Mars/Lilith conjunct early July; for clarity about the our best relationships, to share the journey with. Great for passionate romance, compatibility based on shared creative inspo -and holding our own with bitching integrity, if any power trippers are on our case? Intelligent relating skills, with exciting attraction magic as well as clear boundaries work a treat this month x

And much more detail about where Pluto is working transformative magic for your sign, with the July horoscopes here.

Happy July folks x


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