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As we usher in the New Year, the January scopes are up to set our best intentions for 2024.

By all accounts its a big year coming up, as we get a grip on, and hopefully help co-create this wild & wonderful new phase unfolding around we navigate these enormously transformative times.

So January begins on a fully positive note, with Jupiter direct in Taurus. Followed by radical, innovative Uranus direct in Taurus from Jan 26th. We get to embrace our most meaningful, visionary sense of purpose, for the freedom to expand our horizons. If we actually believe whatever we're on about, enough to embody our optimistic ideals in daily right action, for the satisfaction of successful manifesting magic. Right?

Mercury also direct, in Jupiter ruled Sag from Jan 1st helps-to keep our ideas & clear communication on point.

Then the big news is Pluto into Aquarius, from Jan 21st. After popping in & out of Aqua recently, we've had a teasing taste of this astro. Now Pluto lingers in the first few degrees of Aqua till October-then gets serious about transforming Aquarius from Nov 2024-for the next 20 years!

Aquarius affects us on a deeply personal level, about our own humanity and the principles that really matter to us, as we seek to individuate into our own, unique expression of self. The sacred, sovereign freedom of the individual, to be true to themselves. And Aquarius is about our collective experience, the sacred bond we share with our tribe-friends, community and social constructs that govern how we all live together, in the broadest sense. Of course we live in enormously turbulent times-as we interrogate all previous assumptions about socio-political issues, identity politics vs mutual respect and the sovereignty of the individual amongst the way we organise ourselves collectively.

And as such a shit-stirrer, revealing hidden influence & power dynamics in the most transformative way possible-Pluto is just beginning a very long process, of shaking up the very foundations of all this. Get ready for powerful personal & collective growth, folks-let's keep it as conscious, positive and high vibrational as possible!

Meanwhile we have Capricorn New Moon, Jan 11th for astute, pragmatic ways to manage our material prosperity & aspirations. And Leo Full Moon, Jan 26th to keep our creativity and self expression radiant.

And much more detail for your sign, with the January scopes here.

Happy New Year folks, lets bring our best game to the thrilling new potential of January 2024 xxx

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