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Well July is such an exquisite tension between chasing fab, expansive progress in your life and the frustration of tedious delays:

Uranus in your soul sector brings up all kinds of wild dreams & fantasies that you would love to explore, but square Saturn in your vision sector brings acute awareness that you may have to take the time to work at it.

And Jupiter in your career sector has had you so exuberant & onto your most brilliant professional potential lately. But also, Jupiter dithering retrograde on the cusp of your career sector all July could feel like certain opportunities to do so are so tantalisingly close yet so far away… it’s like you are brewing the most insanely fabulous schemes to thrive in the world, and yes they will absolutely succeed as you know; it just might take until Jupiter returns direct in your biz sector from early 2022 till they pick up real traction & see the outcomes you desire…

But of course you are a restless, multifaceted Gemini used to flitting about in the moment doing instant gratification -so you could be feeling kind of stabby & tetchy with certain delays going on in the meantime right? I’m just saying that honestly, as much as possible patience is your superpower right now!

Meanwhile you get to enjoy the New Moon of the 10th, in your income sector. No matter how hapless you may feel about forcing certain long-term goals for the moment, you can still finesse current earning scenarios. They actually look quite promising -especially with your clever ruler, Mercury bringing an intelligent new perspective from the 13th…

Which makes Venus/Mars conjunct this month, for sharp relating skills exact around the 14th in your ideas, communication & networking sector such perfect timing. Your natural mental genius, verbal alacrity & persuasive charm work a treat to negotiate & hustle the right schemes with the right people. You adore the stimulation of sharing cool ideas with like-minded crew, or even better thrashing out differing opinions with people you don’t necessarily agree with to reach some kind of common intellectual ground -you are exquisitely open minded to new opinions with that curious, enquiring mind of yours. Mid-month could be some fab conversation/social networking action to spark your curiosity.

And absolutely this works for romance! I mean you are by far the most beguiling, maddeningly perplexing flirt of the zodiac. Once you draw someone in with your flirty wiles they are intoxicated & can’t get enough of trying to understand your enigmatic allure. And of course you appreciate an attraction/relationship with someone just as intelligent -to keep you fascinated as well. So Mars/Venus action is on mid-month; for sparky attraction that includes a genuine meeting of minds. And with the South Node of past karma in your partner sector; its way more likely to be mutual understanding with your current lover/relationship or someone from the past turning up to re-connect. Or even someone new could bring some spooky, past life vibe to turn you on hmmm?

Image: Debbie Harry


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