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So Mars in your social sector for ages in 2020 was so stimulating for your natural, social butterfly charm. So hopefully you’ve had fun out & about, sparkling in the world as you do so well, as much as was possible in lockdown/dystopia etc.

So whether you’ve enjoyed a year of effective networking or 2020 cramped your style; Mars hiding out in your soul sector from Jan 7th could be a nice respite from external distractions, to look within & healthy relationship with self. Especially with Mars sparking up Uranus this month, communing with your inner muse could bring some fabulous, light bulb moments of creative/spiritual/magical inspo to turn you on.

Also because Mars triggers Jupiter/Saturn & your ruler Mercury in your adventure sector, calling your most expansive dreams into action. So the more you take the time to finesse whatever visionary, meaningful intentions are driving you right now & work the practical logistics, the more you can go chase them with the courage of your convictions huh?

Then the New Moon of the 13th brings the state of your closest, personal relationships into sharp focus. I mean it’s in your 8th house, sex/intimacy sector & bang on top of Pluto, the most limbic, primal, passionate planet of all. So mid Jan brings up the most deep & meaningful, intense dynamics going on with your interpersonal entanglements, and ideally a fresh emotional perspective to handle the dramatic feelings as consciously as possible.

Especially with Venus also in your 8th this month, trine Mars around the 10th is a lovely romantic chemistry to make mid month quite the sweet mating season, if you can handle the depth of feelings involved. I mean it’s not exactly fluffy flirtation just for kicks, it’s more meaningful than that but not exactly complacent/steady commitment either. Because with Pluto & Uranus involved it’s all about the genuine vulnerability required to do the wild ride of true love; and mutual growth that it entails if you’re up for that particular, emotionally transformative roller coaster?

Then ok the Full Moon of the 29th in your sparkly comms sector, opposite lucky Jupiter brings a lighter, more expansive vibe to your interactions. You get to play with cool ideas & dialogues for fun; and do admit you adore chatting endlessly about your kaleidoscopic range of interests with whoever is interested, just for the buzz of mental stimulation right?

New Year Resolution: The more I fill my cup; by communing with my inner muse the more I am comfortable in my own skin & relationship with self. The better to bring a more authentic me to the sparkly social interactions I adore, and also keep it real with my closest, intense intimate relationships.


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