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So Neptune direct from Dec 6th, in your 10th house/brilliant career sector, to begin the month with renewed professional perspective:

I mean with Saturn also direct last month, in your 10th house you are prepared. You’ve been working on the discipline, to identify the most productive career strategy to focus on. And whatever efficient work ethic is required, to pull it off. You’ve been pretty ambitious lately!

And to the extent Neptune retro since July, has had you in existential angst about your vocational calling? Ideally this has been a chance to entertain some wild & wonderful possibilities, about what you are really capable of. Especially Jupiter & Uranus in your spooky 12th house, for divine spiritual & creative inspo-and the Destiny Point in your social sector, to figure out your purpose in the world.

I ok mean if you’ve been feeling a bit lost, fair enough. Maybe fearing some obligatory Saturn work ethic cramping your style-if not connected to your real vocational dreams? Maybe even frustrated enough to swan off avoiding work, in professional sabotage mode?

So Neptune direct, from early Dec feels so sweet…

If you begin to feel more aligned, with schemes & dreams about meaningful success, that you’ve been yearning for lately? Yes they are suddenly achievable, if you are prepared to realistically work towards them.

Especially quintile Venus in your 5th house, of creative self expression- into your work sector from Dec 5th. Your natural talent gets attention, for the confidence to embrace a productive gig that allows you to shine.

How wonderful!

Meanwhile we need to talk about the Gemini love life:

Your ruler Mercury, flitting between your 7th house of partner/love dynamics and 8th house of sexy intimacy from Nov till Feb. An unusually long time, for fast moving Mercury to linger in your relationship sectors-what with retrograde delays along the way.

So December is fully in this phase, of navigating all sorts of complex interpersonal/love dialogues. Fluxy communication/new perspectives about getting along -still trying to work themselves out? I mean some signs would find this quite the headfuq!

But do admit, you kind of relish this vibe. I mean as such a mentally & emotionally multi-faceted sign-basic, literal ‘where do we stand’ convos don’t really rock your boat. You have the subtle intelligence, to explore the complex nuance of any romance/relationship dialogues going on.

I mean if life was a french film, with all the protagonists doing each other’s head in, with witty repartee -as they figure out the elusive meaning of love? You would be all over it!

So you are ready for the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your 7th house, love/partner sector. Just as Mercury retro in your 8th house:

Taking the time, to get clear emotional connection. With your special someone? Or if single/dating, destiny brings someone so promising?

With Mars conjunct Ceres. All about hot blooded, fierce passion to turn you both on. With a deeply caring empathy, to actually look after one another, as you make your meant-to-be commitment work.

Or ok, if dealing with some toxic conflict? The self respect to own your own part in it. And the self care to assert healthy boundaries-any control freak on your case, can fuq right off!

Especially Ceres exactly square Bitch Lilith, in your domestic sector. Family dynamics are ideally about mutual respect, the better to look after one another as best you can.

Then the Full Moon of Dec 27th, in your values sector. You hold your own, about the principles and financial security that matter to you. The better to be completely true to yourself. Well done.

Image: Debbie Harry


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