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So another weird year comes to an end, and with the December horoscopes we look at how much we have evolved so far. Especially in freedom loving sagittarius season, maybe we are ready to spread our wings a little...

We have a Total Solar Eclipse, Sag New Moon of the 4th to get the month moving -with Mercury involved to think big about our wild, fabulous full potential.

Then Mars into Sagittarius from the 14th to energise our rebellious, expansive determination to fly free, unfettered by bourgeois expectations or ridiculous restrictions-know what I mean?

Meanwhile Venus tangling with Pluto in Capricorn all month, to do the sexy, transformative work to overcome any toxic addictions etc that no longer serve us; the better to satisfy the healthy desires that actually turn us on in creative/life affirming pleasure mode.

Then Jupiter into Pisces from Dec 29th sets us up for fantastic New Years resolutions -to chase our most wild & wonderful dreams in 2022.

Good times ahead folks -happy December, and lots more detail for your sign with the December horoscopes here.

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