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Sagittarius season is upon us, in all it's expansive glory, and the December scopes are up.

Sag energy yearns to be wild and free -with permission to explore new possibilities in the world, with as much personal growth as possible:

Cue Neptune direct in Pisces, from Dec 6th. Renewed inspiration, to follow whatever rainbow calls our name this month. Kaleidoscopic new perspective, to see the multi-faceted potential we are ready to embrace. We understand our emotional, relationship, creative & professional evolution as a spiritual calling. With a spooky sense we can magically manifest our dreams in real life, if we keep our intentions high frequency...

I mean Sag energy is all about the power of positive intentions. Beyond a fluffy cliche of thinking nice thoughts.

The courage to throw ourselves into the grand melee of life, with the discipline to be impeccable with our thoughts and word-recognising the most positive, life affirming response we can manage, to whatever cruel or kind circumstance throws at us.

Especially the Sag New Moon of Dec 13th, with Mars & Ceres. We are brave enough to chase our most brazen, visionary inspiration. With the compasson to nurture our own, holistic wellbeing and look after one another as we go.

We are all optimistic dreamers this month, chasing the gold at the end of the rainbow...maybe the bliss of manifesting magic, as we remain true to ourselves is real!

Happy December folks, and more detail for your sign with the December horoscopes here x

Image: Heather Heining.

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