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Capricorn New Moon, exact 9.57pm Jan 11th, AEDT. The first New Moon of the year, for a sense of just how transformative 2024 is likely to be:

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Capricorn we tend to be highly pragmatic. Maybe checking our emotional responses, against whatever precise principles we are committed to living by-with the discipline to keep it real, no matter how triggered we are emotionally? Or sublimating our feelings, if they get in the way of more immediate, material concerns? There is a fine line between intelligent self awareness, to manage our feelings with the integrity of self control-and total denial/disconnecting with inconvenient emotional truth, where Cap energy is concerned. Know what I mean?

Because it's all blown out of the water, with this Moon conjunct Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus. There is a volcanic quality to our deepest, most primal feelings & instincts right now-rising up and in our face, ready or not! We face our inner demons & angels with staunch courage. Taking responsibility for our own petty insecurities and control freakery; the better to phoenix into our stunning potential to choose empowered, honest self acceptance as we grow towards a better version of ourselves. Spiritually, emotionally, creatively & materially we shed old skins, as we awaken to a radically honest, authentic new chapter of our lives. Where yes, we get to manifest successful, lucrative, fulfilling material scenarios-based on the integrity of right action in the world. We have to come to terms with what really matters to us right now, and behave accordingly.

With the same insight into everyone else's struggle, to do the right thing. Instead of power fugery in our relationships, we choose radical empathy; to support each other in this time of crazy collective evolution.

Also this Moon is at the same degree of Capricorn that Venus will be, for our next New Moon of Feb 10th-the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Dragon energy neatly aligns with the Pluto energy, of today's New Moon.

The more we look within, grappling with our internal locus of power with elegant restraint-to focus on our personal growth Capricorn style, instead of charging around projecting our drama at each other?

We unleash such personal & collective power -to create a sensational future for all to enjoy.

Happy Capricorn New Moon folks, lets keep it conscious & classy x

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