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So how about your ruling planet Saturn, direct from Nov 4th to begin the month?

I mean after lurking around retro, in your 3rd house of ideas and communication for the last few months-Saturn may have felt like low-key, awkward self doubt about your beliefs and how to express them in certain conversations? Of course as such a clever Capricorn, you’ve taken the opportunity to interrogate and fine-tune your critical thinking behind the scenes, to get real about what you’re on about. Well done!

So Saturn direct, opposite Lilith in your visionary 9th house feels good. Ready to embrace big picture, expansive possibilities in your life; that you’ve been carefully planning. With Venus also in your 9th house, to get creative about it.

Then Venus into your home turf, the 10th house of brilliant career from Nov 9th. Sudden inspiration, to apply your natural genius & talent to vocational success. This is your core competency of course; polishing your solid skills and biz plan, to the point you are ready to show the hell off with persuasive, professional charm and shine in the world. Nice one!

And speaking of public recognition, the New Moon of Nov 13th in your social sector. Conjunct Mars and Ceres, opposite Uranus in your talent sector:

Mars fires up your spunky confidence on the social/networking scene. You’re hot and you know it, as you swan around being your true self.

And rebellious Uranus with freedom loving Jupiter, revealing the more radical things you’ve got to say/radical ways to express yourself.

That may surprise certain people, accustomed to your reputation as some kind of straightlaced pillar of conservative values. They obviously haven’t been paying attention to Pluto in your sign, for the last several years…your natural integrity has transformed into quite the rebellious attitude, to challenge the status quo. Who would have thought??

And caring Ceres helps, to bond with your tribe. The people who get you, in your broader community/social networking appreciate your mentally stimulating insights. And the close friends you really care about appreciate your honesty, to confirm the mutual support you share. And sharing quality time with one another. This New Moon could be great to get your crew together, for some good old fashioned fun!

Also the healer Chiron in your home sector. Quality time with family, or whoever you live with for lovely domestic bliss. I mean even if tricky issues are triggered-a chance to gently work it out, to make it right with the people you love as best as possible.

Then Mars and Ceres into your 12th house/soul sector, conjunct the Sun from Nov 24th. With Mercury to inspire your innate intelligence-for the whole inner, spiritual self awareness thing going on here.

Trusting your intuition is not just an abstract concept -more an act of self care to tap into kinaesthetic, powerful gut instincts you can totally act upon.

Perfect for the Full Moon of Nov 27th, in your practical 6th house.

Opposite Ceres/Mars/Sun in your 12th, in a grand trine with your ruler Saturn direct in your clever 3rd house and Bitch Lilith in your expansive 9th house:

This Moon is all about tangible wellbeing. Yes a healthy lifestyle, for physical and emotional vitality. And a healthy work ethic, to feel good about being productive. And even more, the satisfaction of manifesting your spiritual truth, visionary genius and mental acumen in real life. Even the simple daily choices, to embody whatever you really believe in feel so good. Your penchant for material success, with a meaningful sense of purpose shines!

Image: Kate Moss for Peter Lindberg


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