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So everyone is thrilled about Jupiter on Pluto this month for positive forward progress –and the best news for you is that it’s happening in your sign! Yes the brilliant success vibe of Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, exact from Nov 8th-13th Nov, and ready to activate your ruler Saturn in Capricorn in December has you so fired up to realize your full potential, live large & thrive like you mean it for the rest of 2020…

This is all about your capacity to do robust, dynamic personal growth of course. Yes Lady Luck & fortune favours you right now, absolutely & crazy wonderful opportunities are so much more likely to rock your world this month. But also the point is that you have the strength of character & steely determination to step up when Destiny calls… the fab developments in your life plan are positively challenging to the extent they are game changing, so the more you are ready to rise up like a phoenix in the flame of personal transformation the better-know what I mean?

And helpfully, Venus in your biz sector is a fab chance to shine your light in the world. I mean if your sheer talent, professional glamour, good looks & charm were ever going to get you ahead it would be now!

And to this end the New Moon of the 15th inspires whatever clever social networking will leverage your best influence in the world. Being out and about/connecting with your tribe works especially well for you mid month –so hopefully lockdown etc isn't cramping your style too much?

Meanwhile Mars in your home sector for ages this year has also kept your focus on the domestic dynamic. And Mars retro recently, with sensitive Chiron involved has presumably triggered any tetchy animosity & revealed vulnerable feelings that need to be addressed in your family/co-hab/personal relationships?

So Mars direct from mid Nov is a great chance to clear the air. A more confident, robust attitude to thrash things out in the case of familial drama etc, or perhaps make some definitive, advantageous real estate decisions? And maybe renewed passion with your live-in lover/partner –ooh la la, maybe sexy good times at home to look forward to…

Speaking of which the Full Moon Eclipse of the 30th is not only excellent for creative brilliance, with Venus inspiring sparky Uranus in your play/talent sector –but also could be thrilling flirty, fun moments of romantic frisson with someone special to turn you on!

Image: Bella Barber by Troyt Coburn


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