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So Jupiter direct, in your fun 5th house from Jan 1st is a nice buzz, to begin the year with your best, playful attitude. Your New Year resolutions are about the confidence to creatively manifest the year ahead, according to your most positive intentions-rather than feel like Destiny’s bitch, just waiting to see what’s in store for you. Know what I mean? And have a good time, doing whatever turns you on.


Especially Uranus also in your 5th, preparing to turn direct by Jan 26th. Your genius is activated to be the change agent in your own life, to create the experiences you desire. I mean beyond your conservative reputation; you have become way more curious about innovative new ways to live your life, and as an iconoclast to inspire the rest of us, and be the change you want to see in the world -than you used to give yourself credit for. Right?


I mean Pluto phoenixing through Capricorn for the last 15 years, has totally taught you the imperative of conscious, empowered personal growth. My goodness, you are quite the master/mistress of your own Destiny by now…

And the big news is Pluto out of your sign, this month. Apart from a brief 2 months back in Cap, Sept-Nov 2024; Pluto is now officially ready to transform your 2nd house, for the next 20 years!

As such a pragmatic, lucrative sign you adore the 2nd house. All about figuring out whatever is most valuable to you, in terms of personal autonomy & financial security-the better to manifest the hell out of it, in real life. This is your natural thing, of course.

So as much as Pluto is about to dig up your existing material paradigm from the roots, shaking off limiting old beliefs, and maybe reveal certain notions of so-called security as illusions? You don’t freak out. As a seasoned Pluto child ready to transform at warp speed, creating new, more robust notions of self reliance. And Pluto promises good coin, if you’re ready for lucrative new earning scenarios…The ability to adapt is the new currency in this swiftly evolving world, and you are about to thrive because you get the wisdom of change, right?

So Pluto/Sun, marching into your 2nd from Jan 21st is such a buzz….

just in time for Uranus direct in your play sector. This month, and the year ahead feels sparkly, with exciting new potential.


Meanwhile we have to talk about Mars in Capricorn from Jan 5th, followed by Venus in Cap from Jan 23rd. You are hot right now!

Passionate about your desires, fiercely determined to work towards your most ambitious goals, that you’ve been dreaming about behind the scenes. And desirable as hell-who could resist your charisma? Let alone anyone attempting to block your path or control freak you-lol, good luck with that!


Cue the Capricorn New Moon of Jan 11th. Loosely conjunct Pluto, in the last degree of Cap, exactly trine Uranus, turning direct in your confident 5th house. With your ruler Saturn finessing your clever ideas & communication sector.  Mid Jan feels like an axiomatic shift, towards expressing your genius in all it’s wild & wonderful glory! The better to find lucrative new ways to support your creative, manifesting magic.


Then Venus in Capricorn, just in time for the Full Moon of Dec 26th in your sexy 8th house -opposite sexy Pluto/Sun conjunct. Square Jupiter in your fun 5th house.  

To the degree your flirty wiles are peaking, being more gorgeous & desirable than ever. You get to play with sweet romance.

Making quality time with your special someone is so worth it. Maybe deep & meaningful connection-with all the vulnerable feelings involved?  And smoking physical chemistry helps…whether passionate intimacy with your lover or magnetic, flirty attraction with your crush?

Image: Liya Kebede for Vogue Italia


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