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So presumably you’re loving Venus/Mars in a tango, as they move towards being conjunct for the first half of Feb, in Capricorn? You can feel your relationship skills finessing themselves, as you increasingly attract the kind of people you want to connect with.


This goes for all your relationships. It feels so nice to be naturally harmonious with everyone in your realm, just because your sweet charisma is so on point. This is totally auspicious timing, to make nice with any relational dynamics that are important to you. And appreciate the folk who reciprocate, to get along more effectively.

And just enjoy swanning around being the most charming, attractive person wherever you go. Capricorn self-assurance is peaking, as you figure out that everyone is loving your style…

And of course Venus/Mars getting together do their best work, when romance is involved. So the first half of Feb is awesome love action. You are so desirable, with harmonious relational skills. Who could resist your wiles, right now? So yes more likely to attract interest, and reciprocal desire to make attraction and compatibility work from your partner, lover or crush… This could be a lovely little mating season!


Then Venus/Mars get interesting, joining Pluto fresh in your 2nd house, by mid Feb.

So the 2nd is a pertinent sector for you at the best of times, all about the personal and material security that you value so much. And now it’s a huge deal, with Pluto commencing a 20 year phase; of completely, deeply transforming your whole concept of what security even means! On the one hand you realise how much you can’t control; in terms of adapting to the hugely volatile changes going on around us, economically etc, and any significant evolution coming up in your own material scenario-ready or not. Which of course can feel so uncomfortable for, do admit, those control freaky tendencies of yours? On the other hand you really get a handle on your internal locus of power; the more you embrace transformative growth, as being even more desirable than so called safe, predictable stability. I mean after 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn you are an expert at this by now -it’s just that you are increasingly applying this wisdom to your tangible, material/financial situation, which is where shizz can get real, right?

Because I tell you what, Pluto handled properly loves to make big coin, with wealthy vibes to embrace -the more you see your 2nd as your prosperity sector, even more than security sector.

The New Moon here, Feb 10th is lovely clarity about this. Nice one!


Then Venus/Mars perfect their conjunction in your 2nd, also conjunct Pluto Feb 21st-24th. Venus brings your lovely talent, and abundant attitude to wealth creation schemes. Mars brings the work ethic and determination you are famous for, to actually make positive financial growth happen. What a great combo.

Also Venus/Mars do their best work, when it comes to romance. I mean to the degree your 2nd is about autonomous security-this could highlight any challenges going on to do with relational power dynamics. You want to explore an exciting attraction/commitment, but not sure how vulnerable to be about it? You are most turned on by lovers with whom you share mutual respect. This could be so good, to find common ground, where you love one up without sacrificing your individual principles.

Your ruler Saturn in your 3rd house of communication helps. The discipline to be immaculate with your word, and hopefully a lover who appreciates your integrity about this-to cultivate spectacularly authentic love talk. This could be mentally/emotionally stimulating, and hot!


Then the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your expansive 9th house. Trine radical Uranus. A wonderful moment to take a risk, on your most positive, life affirming creative schemes and big life plans. Perfect, to embrace the Pluto call for next-level evolution, right?


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