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So the Full Moon of Aug 2nd is in your 2nd house of material security-where you are supremely comfortable. Your natural instincts about cultivating personal wealth, based on the integrity of your core values are on point-which is such a turn on for you.

I mean with this Moon opposite the Sun, joining Venus/Lilith in your 8th house of financial/emotional entanglements. And square Jupiter in your confident, self-expression sector. You get that in order to be pragmatic, about personal wealth & security you need to consider the following:

Finessing your relationships, with healthy compromise for mutually advantageous outcomes. Mutual respect, to love and thrive together is totally worth it.

And you want to be solid in the courage of your convictions; if you want to show off your talent and brilliant ideas in the world. The better to express yourself with full integrity, and maybe make good coin, doing stuff you really believe in?

Because Pluto in your 2nd house for the last few months has been totally energising. Sudden clues about how to transform your money magic, to support your most empowering growth for the next 20 years-more so than just holding pattern of survivalist ‘security’, know what I mean? The momentum picks up, to manifest like a star from Feb onwards…

Meanwhile Pluto back into Capricorn, where he has been phoenixing your transformative growth and sexy personal confidence for the last several years… to be continued for the rest of this year.

So Pluto in your sign trine Uranus in your 5th house, for this Full Moon is pretty cool:

Uranus, with positive Jupiter in your playful 5th house is such a buzz. The confidence to embrace your most radical attitude, to express your most innovative talent in the world. Could be your creative brilliance gets attention, to professional/earning advantage? And just having fun, with the permission you don’t usually give yourself, to be a weirdo -doing high-functioning flake stuff, that turns you on.

I mean with your ruler Saturn in your ideas/communication sector, exactly opposite clever Mercury, joining Mars in your vision sector for the Full Moon of the 2nd. You’ve got some solid ideas to talk about, with the gravitas of thinking things through thoroughly. And the more you cultivate highly intelligent strategies, the mental power and momentum to chase your wildest dreams!

Then the New Moon of Aug 16th in your sexy 8th house, conjunct Venus and Lilith:

Sudden focus on your most intimate entanglements, with the people you care about. Whether romantic love, hot seduction, family dynamics or biz negotiations -relationships matter for this Moon!

And Venus/Lilith involved, are about striking the balance between loyalty, devotion, sweet romance and holding your own with a fierce sense of your own personal boundaries.

Some connections benefit from loving, harmonious co-operation; which is always a good look of course. Any common ground you can find, to bond with your loved ones and peeps you do biz with is the ultimate prize.

But also, with Venus retro there may be disagreements or tricky old issues cropping up, with certain people on your immediate radar? Where Lilith kicks in. Ideally turned on by mutual respect, with peeps just as empowered as you, even when you have to agree to disagree? Or if you need to bitch it up, to keep any control freaks at bay with healthy, assertive boundaries -so be it.

Image: Julia Frauche for Vogue Japan by Kenneth Willardt.


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