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So lets talk about your ruler Saturn, in your 3rd house of ideas and communication since April 2023-joining Neptune in your 3rd since 2012:

I mean to the extent Neptune has been opening your mind to wild & wonderful new notions, more about intuitive wisdom than your usual reputation as a hard nosed pragmatist? This has been a beautiful thing, to reveal your more mystical sensibilities and visionary idealism… 

Then with Saturn, for the last 12 months you’ve been interrogating your own belief systems, and how you express what you believe in with classic Capricorn integrity. 

Taking responsibility, for reality checking your own attitude. Ideally keeping an open mind to the broader perspective you’ve been cultivating lately, with the realism to actually know what you’re on about. 

And healthy skepticism about the opinions incoming from other people… you’re certainly not just going along with the crowd, right?

So the point is Mars in your 3rd house since late March -to really get a handle on the courage of your convictions. Which reaches peak intelligence with Mars Conjunct Saturn this month, exact by April 11th. 

You’re feeling fully clear about your very well thought out ideas, inspired ideals & how you express yourself. And various conversations could be so intellectually stimulating, to turn you on -willing to learn from  intelligent people. It feels good to be so sure of yourself whilst maintaining an open, curious mind right?

Especially expansive Jupiter conjunct radical Uranus, exact by April 18th in your 5th house of talent, creative self expression & fun: 

More emphasis on a positive, playful attitude to personal growth, and the confidence to explore new ways to express yourself. The Cap reputation of status anxiety, about sticking with the ‘safe’ status quo could be kind of redundant by now, huh?  

Having a good time with the simple, life-affirming pleasures that you don’t always allow yourself to enjoy is so energising. Also exciting light bulb moments, about your creative process, to get your natural talent to next level genius. Nice one! 

Especially the Full Moon of April 24th, in your social sector. Opposite the Sun, joining this fab Jupiter/Uranus conjunction exact in your 5th house:

Perfect to get a sense of the crew, who appreciate what you’re on about, for fab networking skills and cultivate beautiful friendships, that have your back. Also the buzz of intelligent debate, with people with whom you disagree-these can be the most interesting conversation of all, to keep you on your intellectual toes, right? 

Meanwhile we need to talk about the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of April 9th-which is a big deal for everyone this month. With Venus involved, and conjunct Chiron, the Destiny Point & Mercury retrograde. For you is in your 4th house of home & family: 

Venus brings an extra sweet, loving attitude with your closest tribe. And brilliant design sensibilities, if you happen to be styling & beautifying your abode?

Healer Chiron/Destiny Point bring more powerful emotional intelligence, to family & co-hab dynamics. You get to share real, caring empathy, with your loved ones at home. And even if tricky issues are revealed, more likely to handle the vulnerable feelings involved. Whether you get to heal and move forward together, with renewed commitment to loving one another up? Or if necessary, dealing with some weirdo doing your head in, an exit strategy to move forward, one way or the other? 

Because ok, Mercury retro here requires a bit of diplomacy. Complex conversations at home could require some patience, to figure out where its all heading?

Also any real estate/property negotiations could be totally promising. But as bang on as your instincts might be, best to hold out on actually signing any contracts etc, until Mercury direct from April 27th, if possible? 

Image: Kiza Jovanovic


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