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The New Moon of Nov 13th is kind of the axis point, to keep you positively motivated this month. In your fabulous 5th house of creative talent, self expression and fun:

Sun/Moon conjunct Mars, for the ultimate radiant, personal confidence.

Maybe showing off your creative brilliance, with properly shameless self promotion. Maybe too busy drilling down on your creative process, just for the satisfaction of doing whatever you are passionate about - not so fussed if anyone notices? Of course being so productive is bound to get attention, from all the right people anyway.

Maybe a break from the daily grind, to have fun. Spending quality time with cool people in your life or personal space doing whatever you enjoy.

Just for the buzz of having a good time, which is so good for you right now!

Especially joining Mercury conjunct Ceres. I mean Mama Ceres is kind of a patron of yours -an affinity with caring for others and personal wellbeing that you do so well. So natural intelligence about healthy self care, and pleasures that turn you and your loved ones on, in a positive, life affirming way.

Also the 5th is your romance sector. So passionate Mars and caring Ceres is perfect, for sweet, flirty moments with your special someone.

And your clever, creative voice in the world aligned with the sincere, emotional authenticity you’re famous for. Speaking your truth feels so good, and more likely to be appreciated by all the right people, who’s opinions actually matter to you.

Because this Moon also opposite radical Uranus and truth seeking Jupiter, both retro in your social/networking/friends sector. You are stimulated by controversial, intellectually challenging conversations in the world, just as much as the crew you naturally agree with.

I mean this is a beautiful Moon to bond with the tribe you love, as you evolve together. And even if certain weirdos challenge your equally weird point of view-apparently you relish the frisson of mutual respect and exciting ideas. Excellent!

And speaking of exciting ideas -meanwhile Saturn direct from November 4th, with magic Neptune in your expansive 9th house. I mean to the extent Saturn retro since June, has maybe cramped your style in terms of actual progress of your wildest dreams? Ideally you’ve taken the time, to patiently scheme any big life plans on your mind? So having prepared yourself sufficiently, Saturn direct feels so good this month:

Saturn turns direct opposite Lilith in your 3rd house/ideas sector, just as Venus also in your 3rd exactly opposite Neptune. Your visionary genius feels more beautiful, creative and high frequency than ever-backed up by solid pragmatic ways, to manifest the unique Destiny you imagine for yourself.

Especially with healer Chiron retro, and the Destiny Point in your brilliant career sector. You navigate any professional self doubt, or existential questions about your purpose in the world wisely. Allowing yourself to feel vulnerable, maybe change horses midstream as you re-think specific goals-even as you keep a keen eye on the broader vocational calling, that most inspires you.

Then the Full Moon of Nov 27th, in your soul sector. Another angle on how to get your dreamy ass into gear. To awaken your most profound spiritual insights, about what truly matters to you. And as such an intuitive, creative sign you listen up. With Ceres, Mars, Sun and Mercury in your practical 6th house, for this Moon-magical manifesting power, including a bit of healthy hard work if necessary? To make your high frequency intentions a reality, with daily discipline and walking your talk with integrity. So good, to feel supremely comfortable in your skin.

Image: Alexandra Tretter at Christian Dior


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