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Let’s start with Mars, the most dynamic, wilful planet hidden in your mysterious 12th house for the last several months. Which can be frustrating as hell for some signs, who thrive on extroverted momentum in the world. But as quite the intuitive, creative type, you don’t mind the chance to commune with your muse for a while; away from the glare of public scrutiny.

And March completes this cycle; where you get to reflect on any insights about yourself/sublimated desires you’ve come to terms with, and truly genius creative schemes you’ve been quietly cultivating in the background…

To be ready for Mars charging into your sign from March 25th, picking up the buzz of the New Moon of the 22nd in your 10th house of vocational success. This is brilliant timing:

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury, with Jupiter/Chiron conjunct in your 10th house. For clever biz strategies, with a positive spin on any professional insecurities you may be dealing with; to create a vocational paradigm that aligns with overall wellbeing as well as the brazen confidence to do whatever really turns you on, for a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Especially opposite caring Ceres in your home sector. It’s the holistic work/life balance you enjoy, integrating a dynamic work ethic with a healthy, happy, satisfying personal life. Understanding your own priorities is a big thing, here.

Also Venus conjunct the Destiny Point in your social sector. Feels like beautiful synergy, to connect with soul tribe in your life. Maybe quality time with dear friends, to remember how much you care for one another/mutual support. Maybe suave networking skills to align with fabulous crew; who feel like your future to do with creative, professional or community type collaboration?

And of course Mars in Cancer energises all of this beautifully, from late March till late May. You are suddenly bursting with shiny confidence, physical vitality & spunky charisma:

Maybe to step out of hermit mode, enjoying the stimulation of getting amongst whatever’s going on around you, just for fun?

Maybe ready to launch your creative/professional brilliance in the world, with shameless self-promotion & specific goals to focus your fierce ambition?

Maybe your sexy desirability & seduction skills are suddenly so on point, to attract all the right attention?

Which brings me to the other big astro of March, to do with your love life:

So Pluto in your 7th house of love & partnership since 2008, and Saturn in your 8th house of sex & emotional intimacy since 2020 have been a learning curve. Revealing any power trips, even properly toxic scenarios you needed to address. For the courage to hold your own with any control freaks/manipulative dynamics, including dealing with your own shadowy tendencies (we all have them). So the status of the most important relationships in your life has been fully scrutinised. Maybe dramatic endings and beginnings; figuring out the right partnership for you? Maybe doing the real, emotionally intelligent work to keep your long term commitment healthy?

Because Pluto potentially brings such powerful, honest, sexy, transformative passion. Ideally you know what you want, creating the most life affirming connection with an equally self-aware & devoted partner. Or if currently single happy with your own internal locus of power, and clear about the kind of lover you desire to manifest.

And Saturn has been brilliant at crystal clear personal boundaries. To reality check any sub-par entanglements or build real, solid commitment with someone worthwhile, as the case may be.

So Saturn leaving your 8th house from March 7th lightens the love mood; like you’ve established the rules of engagement, the better to be free to go work on wrangling your wildest dreams into tangible reality for the next few years, with practical Saturn in your expansive 9th house.

And Pluto replaces Saturn in your 8th house from March 23rd. It’s like all that work being fully relationship savvy pays off; as you dig into the deeper, more subtle nuance of interpersonal dynamics. Love, sex, emotional entanglements are simmering hot & volatile; but you can handle mustering positive outcomes one way or the other. Also financial/biz negotiations, which you are naturally genius at, could become quite lucrative, if you play your cards right?

Image: Steven Arnold.


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