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Jan 1st begins the year with the lovely confidence, of positive Jupiter direct in your 11th house/social sector.

I mean as someone who tends to lean into your immediate family & home life, where you feel most comfortable caring for your domestic sanctuary and loved ones? It’s nice to explore how beautifully you also shine, in the wider world:

As the universal mama type, nurturing your family of friends with emotional generosity and bringing your innate emotional intelligence, to the social & collective discourse going on around you.

Because with Uranus also in your 11th house, direct from Jan 26th, yours is quite the radical, inspiring voice in the world. You have genius insights to offer the rest of us, and it feels good to be a positive part of the zeitgeist, in this crazy world.

Including swanning around the social scene, being charismatic & delightful just for fun! It feels so easy and life affirming to have a good time with your crew right now. And if a bit of shameless self promotion happens, as your star shines… why not enjoy that?

Because you also channel the universal creatrix. With your natural affinity for artistic talent, you understand the organic nature of the creative process…to cultivate your kooky genius. And the right kind of attention/networking & collaborative opportunities, to get amongst it and reveal how much innovative genius you have to share…

Especially Mercury also turning direct from Jan 1st, in your practical 6th house. With Venus, Ceres & Mars. To cultivate your brilliant talent on the day job, with a fierce work ethic. And cultivate whatever lush lifestyle you most desire-the balance between pleasure and healthy wellbeing is key.


Then we have to talk about your 7th house of love, partnership and relationship dynamics. Mars into your 7th from Jan 5th brings all the limbic passion, confident affection and ok, temperamental attitude to your love life: Ready for the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 7th house.

First of all Mars exactly trine Jupiter in your social sector. If single the dating scene, and fun flirtations as you go about the world feel promising. Whether or not this leads to anything serious, positive affirmation about your sexy allure attracting sexy chemistry, feels good! And beyond romance, you are quite the social butterfly-connecting with good friends/tribe you can be your true self with, or hustling your social networking skills to best advantage works a treat.


Meanwhile this Moon conjunct Pluto, completing 15 years in your 7th, transforming your entire relational paradigm. You’ve had all the drama, break ups/make ups, powerful devotion and stinging reality checks…to figure out power dynamics and next level authenticity, with key people in your life.

So fresh perspective this month, on how far you’ve come. Ideally having thoroughly ditched any toxic individuals, and more deeply appreciative of special loved ones, you remain committed to. And fully tuned about how to handle any new connections, with your most empowered attitude. The Cancerian love and relationship policy is now clear as a bell, right?

Yes, and it aint over yet! Pluto into your 8th house of emotional intimacy, sexual passion, family & financial entanglements-with all the complexity and powerful feelings involved; from Jan 21st, for the next 20 years!

To the extent you have the fundamental principles in place, about relational dynamics, ready to phoenix through complex waters of vulnerable interdependence. It’s your natural thing, with such innate emotional intelligence right?

Cue the Full Moon of Jan 26th in your prosperity sector, opposite Sun escorting Pluto into your 8th. The more you thrive, according to your own values being true to yourself. The more you handle authentic connection with the people you care about, with an internal locus of power. Nice one.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.

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