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So part of the Cancerian mystique is how you are part dreamy creative type, and part savvy business type with sharp financial instincts.

And mushy, caring mama type in relationships, as well as holding your own as a cardinal, bossy creature when required.

And the astro this month stimulates all of it, as follows:

The rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your Jupiter-ruled 9th house of adventure, higher education and broad, visionary goals in your life. You have full permission to think big, chase your most meaningful dreams with inspired intelligence, and maybe a travel scenario turns you on. Even if the next move vibes more weirdly promising than so much tactical/pragmatic, the inspired instincts driving you just feel so right…

The New Moon of April 1st in your career sector; for a fresh professional perspective. Mercury brings sharp, on point negotiation skills for any biz negotiations going on. And the healer Chiron brings the emotional congruence, to make career choices that actually feel good. Success means connection with the people who stimulate your mind, and working a gig where you get to be your true self -genius, nutty, creative tycoon, with a work/life balance geared toward holistic wellbeing. Nice one.

And lucky Jupiter turning up from mid May is something to look forward to, for even more expansive, positive professional growth.

The Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your sex/intimacy sector early April. Feels like whatever sexy attraction you’ve been dealing with lately, or finessing relating skills with your partner is reaching peak emotional intelligence; to really understand the quality of commitment you are dealing with.

Whether you’ve been blissfully bonded, with established emotional security feeling so good, or dealing with gnarly relating issues and trying to establish healthy boundaries, to deal with it? Or realising some intense love affair is actually a karmic learning curve -and possibly long term entanglement, if you’re up for it? Establishing the rules of engagement is gold here, and feels like a chance to do so with full integrity x

Especially the Full Moon of the 17th in your favourite, home & family sector. A cosy sense of domestic connection is the ideal, but also this Moon is in a combustible square with Pluto in your love/marriage sector-

whatever emo brewing below the surface is bound to be triggered!

Could be marital/shacked up passion running hot, to confirm the powerful chemistry you share. And even more honest, transparent intimacy to be real with one another. Could be any gnarly power trips/drama you’ve been trying to suppress, suddenly rising up- to deal with it ready or not, and resolve stuff like adults.

Good, because Venus & Mars into your adventure sector, from April is where you love the emotional space to chase those big dreams of yours -sans any lingering interpersonal dramas. The second half of April is great to spread your wings, just because you can.

Image: Vogue, 1930's


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