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Cancer Full Moon, exact 9.07am Jan 7th, AEDT. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately; and of course in Moon ruled Cancer our feelings & moods are exquisitely, tangibly real & on point. With the choice to handle it with supreme emotional intelligence & bang-on intuition, or indulge in frightful tantrums, if we succumb to emotional overwhelm ...know what I mean?

This Moon is opposite Mercury retrograde, on the Capricorn Sun. Tempting to control freak the situations that are most in flux, and fuel confusing conversations that just become irrationally emotive.

Because with Mars still retro till Jan 13th, much better to box wisely. We really appreciate the mystery of the things we can't yet control, and suavely avoid interpersonal conflict with elegant composure:

Lilith in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn is the power of personal sovereignty, taking responsibility for our own, unique desires & how we fulfil them; creating the mutual respect to let others do the same-and viola! Sexy connections, with loved ones and people we don't agree with thrive, as we embrace empowering transformation together. Much better than wasting time bitching about perceived betrayal, just because someone else doesn't meet our expectations, right?

The real mojo of this Moon is creating our own reality, with the quality of our conscious intentions; which must necessarily be aligned with real, courageous emotional truth.

We can play with manifesting magic, overcome crappy obstacles and realise our desires with exceptional accuracy here; as long as authentic feelings, healthy human connection & creative discipline is involved. Otherwise it's just chasing illusions for the sake of instant ego gratification. Not so useful, obviously.

Let's keep this one high end, to begin 2023 on a positive note! Happy Full Moon folks x

And more detail on how this Moon works for your sign, with the Jan horoscopes here.

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