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So August is here, Leo season is on fire & the scopes are up to help us seize the day...

The month begins with a sensational conjunction of Mars, Uranus & the North Node/Destiny Point in Taurus:

So Taurus is the most powerful sign of manifesting our desires-but it aint the usual old addictions/comfortable pleasures we are dealing with. Uranus desires rapid personal growth, the North Node points to scary/thrilling/fabulous opportunities Destiny is calling us to embrace, outside our usual comfort zone and Mars is the spunky, brazen moxy & powerful determination to make it happen.

We are so ready to radicalise ourselves in a fully positive way. As in we don't give a fuq about societal/interpersonal expectations or the pressure we put on ourselves to maintain the status quo; we are ready to phoenix into next level, liberating & productive new possibilities in our lives, with full personal freedom. What an exciting buzz!

Especially Venus on bitch Lilith early month, we are not compromising our spunky self-determination for anyone. And we do appreciate the loved ones & lovers who get this about us, for the freedom to do passionate connection with mutual respect.

Then Venus on caring Ceres from mid August, for the pleasure of looking after one another with unconditional devotion. How lovely!

Personal freedom to reach our full, individual potential and healthy, loving, mutual support for one another are not mutually exclusive this month-both imperatives work in perfect synergy. Know what I mean?

Then Mars into Gemini from August 20th, for a rare, extended stay till March next year. We are learning how to be light on our feet, multitask, adapt to new circumstances with alacrity and remain flexible & open to the next chapter of our lives. This is low key so empowering...

Happy August folks, let's do this with wonderful, open hearted , Leo season lust for life x And way more detail for your sign, with the monthly scopes here.


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