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Your ruler Mars, fresh in your love/partner sector begins the month. So the Aries mind turns to thoughts of hot romance:

On the one hand sexy action is on. Mating season brings renewed chemistry with your partner, the delicious attention you deserve from your lover or if single/dating, some new spunk chasing your gorgeous self?

Also the feelings a bit deeper, with caring Ceres on the South Node of existing connections, also in your love sector. More likely to be cultivating an ongoing relationship or reconnecting with an ex type lover, to evolve with someone you already care about.

Or even if single-finding a more empowering perspective, on your relationship history so far? The better to be ready for the next, positive romance with fresh clarity. And I tell you what, if someone new turns up, gosh you feel an uncanny sense of recognition….

And Mars opposite the healer Chiron, and Destiny Point in Aries. You are especially sensitive, to subtle emotional cues in your love life. Compassion, caring for one another and mutual support with all the people you care about feels so good.

I mean as someone with a fiercely independent reputation, charging around being too impatient for commitment? This astro reveals your deeply loyal, insanely generous devotion in the relationships that matter to you. As such as a passionate protector of the people you love.

And the sexy charisma that makes you so desirable, to the people you make such an effort to care about.

Then the New Moon of Sept 15th in your practical 6th house. In a grand trine with Pluto in your brilliant career sector, and Uranus with lucky Jupiter in your prosperity sector. And Mercury also in your 6th house, turning direct just in time for this Moon:

This astro is seriously brilliant, to get your professional act together.

If Mercury retro lately, has had you questioning day job strategies? This could be when you get a light bulb moment, as Mercury turns direct, to figure out clever strategies to move forward in whatever gig actually turns you on. Including clear communication, to get on the same page with the boss, colleagues or clients who are most helpful this month.

And Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter retro. You take the time, to understand how profoundly and radically you are actually transforming your vocational paradigm right now. Even the most simple, innovative tweaks to your daily health, lifestyle and work routine can be game changing. Revealing more productive, fulfilling and possibly lucrative news of doing business and living your life.

Especially by the Aries New Moon of Sept 29th. Your annual chance to express your emotional truth, in technicolour confidence and walk your talk accordingly. I mean being fiercely unapologetic about who you are is your natural thing, so you’re in your element here.

Even if the healer Chiron in Aries, and Saturn in your 12th house has had you doing some soul searching. The discipline to look within, draining the proverbial swamp of your unconscious self-sabotage etc might be hard work. But only makes you more shiny with ruthless self awareness; vulnerability, human faults and all. To be more charismatic than ever, charging around being absolutely true to yourself and honest with the people you love. Nice one!

Image: Ksu by Daria Zaytseva


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