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Yay, so how good is it to have lucky Jupiter recently in your sign, for a whole year ahead of positive personal growth! This picks up on your innate, confident attitude to life and reminds you that yes, you can be and do whatever you want. You love this vibe so much…

Especially as your ruler Mars joins Jupiter this month, for supersonic, positive vitality and determination to back your own fabulousness in the world!

So apart from being a spunky, sexy success machine generally; I guess it’s just a matter of choosing where to focus your intentions, for whatever you specifically want to do with all this powerful energy?

First of all Venus into your 2nd house of comfortable material security early June, where Mercury is just turning direct on the Destiny Point:

Feels like a fresh perspective on your formidable talent & charisma, in terms of monetising what you do so well. I mean yes it’s about making good coin professionally, syncing lucrative Pluto in your biz sector. But even more so the satisfaction of doing it on your own, individual terms -a very Aries priority of course.

Then mid-month is revealing about all of the above, as follows:

Venus conjunct Uranus June 12th, with Mercury on the Destiny Point in your 2nd house. You are super switched on, to the sense that wealth is not so much a stable income as such; more wildly innovative options to create autonomous/flexible/meaningful earning scenarios, that allow maximum potential to follow a higher vocational calling, as you grow & personally evolve.

Mars on the healer Chiron June 15th, in Aries. This is where your fierce, unstoppable courage is ready to address any vulnerable self-doubt you’ve been dealing with lately. This is actually a beautiful thing. Yes you may be wounded, as we all are and more acutely aware of where you’ve been holding yourself back - and as much as Mars can be tempting to be impatient or frustrated with yourself? The real gift of Mars here is, obviously, unconditional acceptance of where you are right now the better to move forward and thrive; in a way that supports your actual wellbeing and personal fulfilment more than just progress for the sake of it.

So the Full Moon of the 14th, in your vision/adventure sector is a buzz.

You give yourself permission to think big, to chase the dreams that matter to you-and Mercury fresh in your ideas/communication sector to finesse the plan and any dialogues that help to move things forward. Especially sync Saturn in your social/networking sector, it’s all about presenting your ideas with full integrity, for the street cred to be fully supported by your tribe/community/social scene.

Meanwhile love? I guess you are such a hot seduction machine, with Mars in your sign you are pretty much irresistible to any lover you wish to entice. And all the better if you can allow a little vulnerable intimacy, with Mars on empathetic Chiron mid month. And Venus/Uranus mid month helps, to take a risk on revealing what you really feel huh?


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