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So your ruler Mars is on fire for February, in terms of showing up in the world, on the front foot. Like you love to do.

And Mars dancing around a conjunction with Venus all month,  emphasis on relationship dynamics, love and getting along with everyone you need to deal with, as you go about your business right now.


First of all early Feb has Mars conjunct clever Mercury, in your 10th house of brilliant career. Trine lucky Jupiter in your 2nd house of prosperity and Bitch Lilith in your 6th house of healthy work ethic. All about focus on professional genius, making good coin doing what you do, to fund the work/lifestyle balance that allows you to be true to yourself. As such an independent soul, driven by the desire to do your own thing, unencumbered by tedious expectations-yes you can!

Also to consider. Venus involved means success is most sweet; when you get to enjoy creative/biz collaborations, the buzz of win-win outcomes that come from mutual support professionally, working with people you respect, and meaningful friendships that blossom in the workplace. Aries thrives best, with the freedom to chase your own vocational dreams, when supported by all the right people-know what I mean?


So we have to talk about your 11th house of social life; connecting with your tribe/close friends, networking skills and your purpose in the collective/cultural zeitgeist around you. Pluto into your 11th house recently, is brewing profound new perspective on your most effective role in the world. From November, you will be fully primed to power forward about this-with Pluto transforming your 11th house for the next 20 years!

So cleaning house socially, releasing any acquaintances that have become naff/superficial? The better to appreciate precious friends, with whom you stick by one another no matter what-your tribe for life. Also ready to meet exciting new crew, to pull you into any game-changing scenarios you are ready to be a part of? I mean rocking  your sexy charisma on the scene, with all the right people is a thing, moving forward…

Meanwhile, the New Moon of Feb 10th in your 11th house, with Mercury conjunct Pluto is fresh perspective about your role in the world. Namely sharing your very clear opinions with everyone, super articulate because the fierce courage of your convictions is so strong, You love this!


Cue Mars joining Pluto in your 11th from Feb 14th, followed by Venus from Feb 17th. To emphasise your brazen, Aries determination to be true to yourself -could give a fuq if your attitude is provocative! Also you realise the power of diplomacy…maybe persuasive charm and fulfilling human connection, is actually your superpower right now?

Because Venus/Mars travelling conjunct this month, exact mid

Feb conjunct Pluto is the bomb! Bonding with your loving tribe, who you can be totally authentic with as you fully support one another feels so good. And finding common ground, even with antagonistic individuals who would normally annoy you-who would of thought, Aries as the peacemaker on the scene??

And of course, Mars/Venus is ultimately about love & romance magic. If single/prowling on the dating scene, WAY more likely to enjoy exciting attractions -your sexy desirability is in demand. And maybe Destiny has your number-to suddenly attract someone special?  Or if in love/partnered already? Intellectual stimulation could be the new turn on. Thrashing out principles you may or may not agree upon is a meeting of minds, to renew the romantic passion? Or just get out & about for your next date night, as a hot couple having fun in the world?


Then the Full Moon of Feb 24th, in your practical 6th house. Pulling together the biz & social imperatives we’ve been talking about, with healthy self care. A balanced lifestyle, of work & play is the bomb.


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