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So Venus in your biz sector from Nov till March has you fully inspired, to bring your best talent & professional glamour to whatever you do in the world , and have a good time showing off your brilliance. So how perfect, and motivating is your sexy, ambitious ruler Mars, joining Venus in your biz sector from late Jan till March? You know what you want professionally and you know how to get it -genius!

Especially Mercury conjunct Pluto, also in your biz sector for the New Moon of Feb 1st; for clever, empowering ways to communicate what you’re on about at work and devise game-changing strategies to get ahead. The better to rise above any snarky power trips which may also be going on around you -and let’s face it you don’t handle too well. As in when it comes to subtle politic, you do tend to bypass passive-aggressive and go directly to open conflict lol, know what I mean?

And the New Moon of Feb 1st in your social sector helps; conjunct Saturn for a fresh, intelligent, disciplined perspective on how to network with the right people. For functional relationships that work in your public life, and cultivate your most pragmatic, fulfilling life plans.

Meanwhile we have to talk about Venus conjunct Mars, from Feb 1st till mid March, as mating season! I mean to the extent you could be kind of distracted by vocational success; this reminds you to also factor in the hot, spectacular romantic action coming up in the Aries life plan -your love life matters right now:

Could be consulting your partner re biz decisions, the better to thrive as a successful team with a shared plan. And gallivanting around together, enjoying life & showing off your commitment as a power couple in the world. If you’re in love, might as well shout it from the rooftops, no time for stealth/secret affairs.

And if single/on the prowl? Oh my goodness time to dress sharp, look good & get your spunky charm on at work. Destiny is SO much more likely to bring attraction action, with perfect timing as you go about your business this month. Crushing on that hot colleague/client/boss etc? Yes, could be reciprocated….ooh la la.

Then the Full Moon of the 17th, in your play sector is fabulous:

Just because having fun is important -after such a bitch of a few years, any good times that bring a life-affirming buzz are a beautiful thing, right?

Also your creative instincts are on point; so especially with Venus/Mars exact in your biz sector, whatever you are doing with your natural talent & showing off with shameless self-promotion is pretty sweet. Extra specially in a grand square with the nodal axis, across your income/shared resources sectors. Which means it’s a great time to monetise what you do -by being damn good at what you do but also doing business/creative collabs with the right people. It’s not just what you know it’s who you know, and more importantly how well you finesse those relationships -know what I mean?

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous pic.


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