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Well I guess the starting point for Dec is that you are riding the fresh momentum & raw, powerful energy coursing through your veins since your ruler Mars moved forward mid Nov (after 2 months retrograde) –gosh it’s good to be you & finally feel so alive right now…

So with Mars strong in your sign & your mojo picking up pace; you’ve got more than enough physical vitality, spunky confidence, swagger & sexy seductive prowess to do whatever you want with for the rest of the year –OMG how fabulous, go you!

And FYI Mars will return to the spot he went retrograde Sept 10th by Jan 3rd; so you could specifically be revisiting any scenarios that went awol mid Sept, and breathing fresh life & potential into them from just in time for 2021 New Years resolutions –so that’s something to look forward to.

Meanwhile Mars is turning you on this month as follows:

A spooky sync between Mars, Venus in your sexy 8th house of intimacy & the Destiny Point in your comms sector Dec 7th, for a sparkly moment of flirty romantic recognition with someone special. I mean if you’re in love or keen on a passionate love affair this could be a clue about connecting more deeply –nice.

The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 15th is a big deal this month, to awaken our full potential for personal freedom. And for you it’s strong in your freedom loving, restless, adventurous 9th house of expansive growth AND fully syncing Mars in your sign for extra oomph. So you are one of the signs most loving the exuberant promise of mid December... go you it’s honestly open slather to embrace full-tilt personal growth to operate with maximum integrity, the better to do as thou wilt with magnificent confidence. How fabulous!

Also the healer Chiron in your sign turns direct mid month for this Eclipse, after digging deep into any unresolved wounds from the past/how to heal them in retro phase lately. So even if you are coming out of this all vulnerable & raw; you get that you’re onto phoenixing with fresh resolve & self-awareness to the new chapter calling your name right?

And the other big astro of Dec is Saturn & Jupiter switching signs from the 20th, in your case from your career sector to your social/networking sector. So maybe you’re enjoying less time at the coalface of hard yakka work ethic, and more time savvy networking & enjoying the company of your tribe/community spirit/social awareness to succeed & find your niche in the world for the next few years…

Image: Kornelia Strzelecka by Martin Tyszka


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