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So with Venus in your home turf-the 8th house of sex, intimacy & money for ages this year, you’re more inspired than ever about your libidinous, thriving lust for life. But also Venus retro recently may have cramped your style or delayed gratification with certain, tricky love & biz entanglements dammit?

So you’re thrilled she’s finally direct till early August, to get moving with whatever turns you on:

Could be exploring deeper, passionate connection like you mean it-you are quite the seductive, enchanting, caring lover right now, even more than usual & that’s saying something! And more likely to be involved with someone special who can fully reciprocate-yes magnetic attraction is a thing this month.

Especially Venus/Mars being pulled together by sparky Uranus, in your love sector mid July. Its kind of mating season if you can handle the turbulent ride of strong feelings coming up. I mean it’s not exactly cosy commitment as much as thrashing out the thrills & spills of scary, authentic relating. But do admit you are so up for this -big, wild love is your thing!

And with Mars in your work sector could be hustling a promising gig, with the gritty work ethic to get ahead. Especially with Mars/Chiron by mid month, it’s all about doing something meaningful to fill your cup, genuine job satisfaction and your innate ability to make good coin from what you’re good at makes it possible.

Meanwhile the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th in your comms sector is where the real action is. So your usual trick (do admit) of enigmatic silence/dirty looks/come hither eye contact (depending on your mood/the situation) may not quite cut it, lol. You actually need to use words!

I mean Saturn & Mercury retro have you dwelling on more serious matters you’re trying to figure out, whilst Pluto adds extra gravitas to whatever you’ve got to say, where certain conversations could be dramatically game changing. But ultimately Jupiter brings an expansive, positive slant on all this, and a good old, open hearted chat to thrash the issues out could reveal more goodwill & happy agreement than not –know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of the 21st picks up on any restless wanderlust in your adventure sector, that has been giving you itchy feet since the New Moon late last month. Could be as simple as thank goodness lockdown etc has eased & you can get out of the damn house, before cabin fever drives you actually mad!! And maybe bigger travel plans, to expand your horizons are also calling your name-ha, I bet you are already checking out the frequent flyer points, for whenever the airlines are back in business, or planning your next road trip etc?

Image: Marta Bevacqua photography

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