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So Mars/Neptune entangled in your sign all month is beautiful for your magical charisma but also kind of slippery. I mean you are turned on by such an inspirational sense of what you are capable of and wonderfully, wildly intuitive about the best opportunities to express your exquisite, creative self-expression in the world. So you are chasing the most high-end version of being you, living a meaningful life & loving it –sweet.

But also Neptune dissolves the instant gratification Mars impulse, where you’re called to transcend any impatience to get what you want immediately or controlling ego trips-which aint going to work. So you ideally travel with a cruisy, smooth understanding that your most inspired moves right now will gain traction in terms of material gain when Mars gets moving from the 28th –so meanwhile equanimity & patience is everything. Which sure beats giving into frustration & the temptation to cut corners with slippery behaviour to force the issue, which could get messy real fast just so you know! Best stay brilliantly enigmatic in the slipstream of things you can’t control & low-key polish your genius whilst you can…

Because meanwhile the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th reveals your most fabulous professional instincts, with a brilliant handle on cultivating your core skills & current biz/work scenario to full advantage, despite these weird economic times. Getting even better at what you do best is your new normal & bound to pay of in the long run.

Also this Eclipse triggers the delicious astro that is Venus in your home sector till August. It’s all about getting in touch with your most loving family/partner/co hab dynamics, for the emotional intelligence to cultivate beautiful domestic harmony-caring & sharing with your closest loved ones is so important to feel more connected right now. Especially if shacked up with your lover, a lovely time to re-discover the romantic chemistry between you? Or if single/on the prowl, maybe a yummy date on home turf could be coming up with someone promising, now that we’re allowed to mingle again what with eased social distancing etc?

Then the New Moon Eclipse of the 21st is a spectacular new confidence to shine in the world, including Jupiter/Pluto to reveal the tribe/friends who really get you & encourage your most brazen personal growth-bless x

Image: Mira Nedilyalkova

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