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It’s Eclipse season, which is always transformative; and particularly for you with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your ideas/comms sector. You fully get that the quality of your thoughts really does create your reality. As in the power of projecting fresh, visionary, positive new affirmations into your life plan takes the same amount of energy as clinging onto obstinate, stale old patterns & limiting belief systems that lets face it, have been holding you back for a while now. I mean Venus in your vision sector till August brings such brilliant, magical manifestation opportunities if you’re prepared to recognise that you are the captain of your destiny this year right??

And same goes for the same old, repetitive conversations with certain people, where hanging onto stuck/opposing points of view is going nowhere; and maybe this Moon is a breath of fresh air, where everyone is up to think outside the square for a fresh flow of luvvy Venus inspired, harmonious communication to broaden your relational dynamics?

Sweet, especially with Lilith/Chiron in your partnership sector you can hold your own with bitching authenticity- I mean nobody tells Lilith what to do & that’s how you’re feeling right now! But also Chiron the healer is the wonderful ability to agree to disagree as the ultimate mutual respect; and then even better learn to truly appreciate and learn from each other’s differences, because the best relationships are where we open each other’s minds in order to grow & evolve together –know what I mean?

Especially with radical Uranus shaking up your sex/intimacy sector, the Libra love life is not exactly stable right now. But maybe the thrill of electrifying new chemistry with whoever you care about because you’re brave enough to challenge the status quo, or taking a risk on some wild new contender/strutting out open to crazy, unknown possibilities if single is the whole point, to seize next level loving?

Meanwhile Mars/Neptune in your work/lifestyle/health sector is weird. You are basically riding the wave of strange new professional opportunities with a fierce yet adaptable work ethic, to figure out how to thrive in this bizarre economic climate what with the state of the world-including a keen intuition about looking after your physical wellbeing as holistically as possible, so you can function at full capacity. Or you’re day-drinking/indulging destructive habits/distracting yourself with escapist nonsense etc, because it’s all too overwhelming? Ummm… obviously you choose the most life-affirming options here, yes??

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