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Libra Full Moon, exact 12.34pm April 8th, AEST to hopefully take the edge off the collective atmosphere with a bit of luvvy-duvvy sweetness.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month -and boy have we had a lot going on to be triggered by! Especially as Libra rules our relationship dynamics & desire for harmonious connection, at a time when social distancing etc has put an emphasis, and potential strain on our human interactions -thank you Saturn in Aquarius. I mean on the one hand some of us are wary of each other in public & unnecessary physical contact is frowned upon, and of course being stuck at home with or without our special people may be exacerbating certain personal tensions...

But on the other hand, like in any other crisis we are reaching out to our loved ones & tribe more than ever to offer support, reassurance & remembering that the ties that bind are more important than ever, & love is the only thing that really matters at the end of the day right? Especially we have to talk about a Mars/Venus trine on this Moon for lovely romantic chemistry, extra especially with the healer Chiron pulling Mars/Venus chemistry together to soften & solve any issues with beautiful mutual understanding. This Moon could be just the thing to bring us together just when it;s most important to choose love over fear -mwaaah lets's embrace this with open hearts!

And also Libra rules creativity, and with this Moon in sync with a stunning, regenerative, lucrative Jupiter/Pluto conjunction we are powerful creatrixes of whatever destiny is calling us to in these changing times. It's actually pretty lush energy we could be harnessing right now if we keep it positively transformative... I mean there's no point avoiding the growth we're going through, so might as well embrace it properly huh?

Happy Full Moon folks, let's stay safe, strong & be kind to one another huh x

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